Home Advisors

Lime has a unique quality control and customer service position called a Home Advisor. Home Advisors provide a professional aid for the client throughout the project. Whether it’s auditing that craftsman have used proper processes and products, or advising clients on best practices and products, Home Advisors provide tremendous value.

Matthew Snider

Matthew is a third year veteran and proven advisor who will provide top notch consulting and expertise for your painting needs. His personality and work ethic are contagious and his persistence, passion, and experience for satisfying clients makes him a stand out Advisor. Matthew is a charismatic father of two blessed children ages 10 and 13 and a faithful husband of 17 years.


Prior to working for Lime, Matthew worked for his fathers contracting business through high school. Then got his bachelors degree in theology and became a youth pastor and motivational speaker in churches where he developed his passion for serving children and families. Next, Matthew transitioned to a high school motivational speaker that inspired students to find their career passion and college path. Then through random events, he met Nick Lopez and the rest was HIS-story!


This experience has contributed to an outgoing and well-rounded Advisor for Lime. Lime is grateful for Matt’s energy to please dozens and dozens of satisfied clients leaving positive reviews on the BBB, video testimonials on Lime’s website, multiple referrals, and many repeat clients over the past 3 years.


Lime couldn’t be more thrilled to have him as a part of its team and Lime is confident that you’ll enjoy working with him throughout your project as well!

Sam  Lamas

Sam is a people person with a high level of character and integrity. Sam’s best attributes are his genuine personality and attention to detail. Sam excels at customer service and is very personable. Lime couldn’t ask for a better guy to act as one of the faces of its team.


Sam has established himself as a team player and has a natural ability to serve which translates to positive client relations. Sam is often complimented for his meticulous attention to detail and is one of Lime’s premier advisors for his well trained eye.


Prior to working with Lime, Sam earned his bachelors degree in business from Regis University. He is also a Denver native and grew up in North Denver – near the Highlands. Above all, Sam is a loving husband and father and is a great family man.


Sam’s easy going and genuine demeanor make him a very likable person; his qualities are well liked and appreciated at Team Green. If Mr. Lamas is your advisor you’re in good hands, it won’t be long before you develop a great friendship with him.

Ernesto  Godinez

Ernesto is PROVEN !!

In fact, Ernesto worked with lime as a craftsman for 2 years and was considered one of Lime’s best foreman due to his meticulous attention to detail and ear for customer satisfaction. His undeniable track record made for a pretty easy choice when it came time to select a Denver/Boulder based production coordinator to ENSURE a job well done.. to boot, he is even bilingual which can be quite handy during a consturction project.

His skill set is a perfect combination of perfectionist and service oriented making him a great Production Coordinator. Not to mention, he owned his own painting company for 13 years prior to joining TEAM GREEN. Ernesto is well respected by Lime’s clients, advisors, and crewman due to his industry knowledge and valuable opinion. With Ernesto at the helm, you can be assured that your job WILL BE done with exceptional Quality.

Ernesto is a family man when the Lime lights are off; he is a beloved husband and father to 3 beautiful girls. His passion for family, life, and paint make him a great Trusted Home Advisor and a pillar in Lime’s Quality oriented service.

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