cabinet before
cabinets before
cabinets mid production
cabinets mid production
spraying station


Assessment: These homeowners were in search of a way to freshen up their open living space and decided to paint over their existing wood cabinets.

Advise: The gloss finish on these high quality cabinets would require a 5 step process to ensure a professional job. After masking off the kitchen and creating a spraying station in the homeowners garage, Lime lightly feather sanded the gloss finish on the cabinets to offer an adherable surface for the paint products. Once lightly sanded Lime caulked the seams of the cabinet doors to ensure a professional and flat surface, preventing unsightly paint build up. Due to the smooth and semi slippery surface of the wood, Lime used Stix Bonding primer to create a surface that the top coat paint would adhere too. This primer has excellent bonding properties to slick surfaces and was ideal for this project. Once primed, Lime utilized Proclassic Trim and Door paint as the topcoat. This coating is an enamel/water based coating that dries extremely hard to resist the wear and tear that cabinets receive, all while leaving a durable gloss sheen. Lime took it one step further to apply a durable clear coat to not only seal the paint but also add another layer of durability for the cabinets.