Making the Lead Paint Process Easy, Enjoyable, and Refreshing

Completing a paint project the right way goes beyond the preparation and application. For homes built before 1978 containing lead, it is not only a health hazard to work on a project for the craftsmen, but for anyone near the jobsite. Especially children.


What is Lead?

Lead is an additive used in paints that were applied prior to 1978. It turns out that lead is really bad for the environment as well as people. Since then, the EPA has regulated that contractors working on homes built prior to 1978 test the paint on the property for lead. If the paint tests positive for lead, the jobsite should be treated as a biohazard work space.

I know that a biohazard work space seems intimidating, but with a professional company that is EPA Lead Certified, the process is seamless. 

What Does it Mean for the Jobsite if Your Paint Has Lead?

The crew will wear body suits and respirators to take precautions and keep lead dust out of their lungs and off of their clothing. However, the most important step is containing and disposing the paint chips. The paint chips will be collected as they are scraped and disposed of in hazmat bags that are taken to a hazardous waste location.

The project is different in that processes such as powerwashing that will scatter the paint chips and dust are voided. In this example, instead of power washing, a deep wash with bristle brushes is undertaken to scrub down the property.

The LIME Account Manager Advantage.

The advantage of working with a LIME advisor is that LIME’s advisors are trained to assess and test for lead. LIME’s advisors will also provide a custom detailed scope of work for your home before the project is undertaken to appropriately complete your home in accordance to EPA lead requirements. Additionally, LIME’s advisors will audit each phase of the job to ensure that the scope of work is completed to expectation.

Although lead paint may change the theme of the project, LIME still has QUALITY at the forefront with a client experience that is turnkey. Working with LIME on a lead based project is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing!

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