gel stain after
gel stain after
gel stain before
painted side lights after
painted side lights before

Denver Country Club Lead Based Historic Restoration

Assessment: This south facing fiberglass door had experienced heavy amounts of UV rays that caused the color of the door to fade. This inconsistent finish left the door looknig distressed beyond its years. 

Advise: With fiber glass being a non porous surface, Lime had to take a different approach to achieve the look of a wood stained door. Lime needed to create a consistent color on the door so the door was lightly sanded in the areas of door that still had vibrant color. This distressed consistency would allow the gel stain to finish with an equally consistent tone. A gel stain sits on the surface of a substrate rather than absorbing into it and is ideal for fiber glass entry doors. Once dried Lime applied an oil based spar urethane to leave a protective satin finish. The homeowners had also decided to paint the exterior side lights to match the new security door (which Lime installed) leaving this entryway with a custom result that would surely leave a great first impression for future guests.  

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