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is a values based high-end custom residential and commercial interior and exterior painting and contracting service provider.


Build a values driven business empire with heart led leadership that is inspired by love and service. As a LIME business owner, you’ll use a portion of profits as a means for giving back through LIME's social enterprise.

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Who Are Our Customers?

LIME partners with residential homes within the top 5% in home value within a market.
LIME also partners with custom commercial properties such as custom new home builds, resorts, condominiums, restaurants, and more.

Why Our Customers getlimed

Compilation of #GetLimed® Testimonials


LIME Painting just completed a painting contract with us on a historic brick home exterior fulfilling the highest standards of communication, craftsmanship, and integrity.

Mary A.

We GOT LIMED and are so happy we did! In our 20+ years in the Preserve we have seen painters come and go and promises made and forgotten. NOT AT LIME! LIME is a super corporation.

Roger and Rinny W.

We were very pleased with their work, attention to detail, willingness to work with us on small changes we made along the way, and attention to adhering to the timeline they promised. We would highly recommend LIME Painting.

C. Kelley

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Our Model

The Problem: The Superman Model
The Superman Model consists of a one-man operator who wears all the hats within the company. Unfortunately, his best hat is doing the work and not managing the business. Due to the limited amount of resources and lack of knowledge this model presents, the customer is left frustrated with deadlines unmet, promises unfulfilled, and budgets thrown out the window. As a result, customers have a very low expectation for paint contractors. In fact, customers dread the thought of needing to get a paint project completed. This inconsistent and unreliable model has left the door open to a huge opportunity for a solution that blows customers away.

The Solution: getlimed
The LIME Painting model produces custom solutions for customers' properties with quality at the forefront. Our model is backed by processes, roles, systems, and quality controls that deliver high consistency and are complemented by an over- the-top customer experience. The result is raving customers who love to GET LIMED!

The LIME Painting model applies direct customer feedback taken from the horror stories Nick heard while earning his business degree at Michigan State University. He has integrated the lessons he learned in his businesses classes and structured a company that thrives in the field and exceeds customer expectations.

LIME Painting’s service model consists of Quality Prep. Quality Products. Custom Results. Lasting Impressions.®

Our Story

Within the first four years of launching, LIME Painting generated roughly $5.5 million with nearly $1.2 million in gross profit.

After five years of refining the business model while attending Michigan State University, Nick launched LIME Painting in Denver, Colorado, to establish the scalable model he developed to offer customers with high-end properties high performance solutions with an easy, enjoyable, and refreshing experience. Within the first four years of launching, LIME Painting generated roughly $5.5 million in net sales with nearly $1.2 million in gross profit. By the start of LIME Painting's fourth year, Nick had opened a second corporate location in Boulder, Colorado. 

Today, Nick is scaling LIME Painting nationally with the LIME Painting franchise system throughout the southwest region of the country. 

Nick Lopez, founder and CEO of LIME Painting, started his first paint company—Spartan College Painters—as a means to support himself financially while working on his undergraduate degree in business at Michigan State University.

With hard work, a willingness to serve, and a little luck, Nick stumbled upon a massive need in the market. High-end properties were struggling to find a consistent and quality service that provided custom coatings and restoration solutions.


Our Services

LIME Painting does more than paint. To restore a high-end property requires more than scraping, priming, and painting.

Each property requires a custom solution that varies based on the type of substrate and desired result.


Being an expert of the surfaces that make up a high-end property is fundamental to providing quality preparation, custom results, and lasting impressions. By offering more than just paint, LIME Painting maximizes the value that customers receive, which greatly improves the value of their asset.

Nick Lopez, President and Founder

Our Culture

Join a company that radiates with an exceptional and infectious culture.

​Join a team that has purpose and fulfillment and is not driven by the bottom line, but rather the bottom line is a byproduct of industry leading service and expertise.


Following LIME Painting’s “Mission” core value, Nick created LIME Light Outreach—a nonprofit charity—and uses the four pillars of awareness (Faith, Family, Patriotism, and Prosperity) to empower the youth in each community that LIME Painting calls home.


Why You Should Own a Franchise

LIME Elite Academy

Our number one goal is to build a thriving franchise owner community inspired to steward heart-led empires. We achieve this with our robust training and support program, our systems, and our tools. We begin with the initial franchise training at our Colorado-based franchise headquarters. Ongoing training classes will be hosted throughout the year via live webinars, conference calls, and online classes.

Our cloud-based business management and communication platform enables our support team to communicate and provide resources in real time so our franchise owners can concentrate on building their businesses. Our ongoing support program offers business-building assistance in all areas of your business development:

Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Technology
We post marketing and promotional materials for ongoing membership growth as well as other resources. Supporting our franchise owners is the backbone of our success and we look forward to working with you throughout the lifecycle of your business empire.

LIME’s Core Competencies:
Estimating, Coatings and Contracting, Sales, Production, Subcontractor Management

While founder Nick Lopez knew little about painting houses, he knew how to treat people, and when he discovered that homeowners, especially wealthy homeowners, struggled to find dependable painters, he decided to meet that demand. 

LIME Painting is a values driven organization that thrives through culture and values and uses for-profit business as a means to accomplishing mission.

— Dr. John P. Hayes, 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities

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Our Promise

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