clear coat application
doors after
doors before
doors mid production
stain application


Assessment: During this repeat clients initial project with Lime, the advisor noticed that the homeowners 3 car garage doors were darkened from water mildew stains and also had a faded chalky color to them. Lime mentioned to the homeowner that we can make those look great again, and after a stellar job on this clients first project, Lime was out 1 month later to service the garage doors.

Advise: Lime gave two options for this clients garage doors dependent upon the aesthetic look they were going for and the durability level which goes hand in hand with cost. The homeowner opted for the premium products and 2 coat process which was what Lime was advising as the best option. This scope included sanding the doors down to a new wood profile with a combination of palm power sanders and taking the meticulous time to hand sand the cracks in each slit. Lime followed that up by staining the doors with a premium door stain, “Sikkens Door and Window” in Dark Oak. When dry, Lime then top coated with “Sikkens Door and Window” clear coat in a satin finish. This gave the door a furniture like finish and extreme durability. Now all the homeowner has to do for maintenance is apply the clear coat when it begins to wear in order to maintain the doors beauty.