Garage Epoxy Coatings

Result Focused

There are 3 main types of coatings for concrete: stain, paint, and epoxy. Stain is predominantly esthetically practical being that it merely provides a decorative finish for you substrate and is therefore rarely recommended for garage floor coatings.

On the other hand, concrete paint is the lowest grade application that is directed towards protecting your substrate. The highest performance driven coating as well as aesthetically pleasing is an epoxy application. An epoxy coating system is an ideal coating for a garage floor.

For a garage floor application, LIME only suggests using an epoxy as opposed to the alternative concrete paint. This recommendation is primarily because an epoxy-coating system is formulated to perform at a much higher threshold.

LIME is always an advocate of the highest performing products and that rule of thumb holds true with epoxy application and is primarily why LIME highly recommends the ArmorSeal 100 HS Epoxy coating system. The application is best in class for performance and is aesthetically very pleasing as well. 

To compliment the high performance of ArmorSeal 100 HS Epoxy LIME highly recommends preparing the concrete surface by sanding the surface of the concrete with a diamond grinder to expose a new and porous layer of the concrete for maximum adhesion and performance. By doing so the process allows for a mechanical bind to prevent tires from lifting the coating.

LIME specializes in epoxy coatings and is delightfully talented at transforming a garage floor.


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