Custom New Builders can trust LIME

A painter on a new build property is representing the builder of the property. The quality of the customer experience and work provided are a direct reflection onto the builder. That’s why builders who value quality and a diverse skill set in their painters should partner with LIME.

GREEN Stands For Quality®.

LIME has the expertise to advise on products and the scope of work, as well as talented craftsmen to accomplish the project which consists of quality prep, quality products, and custom results that net a lasting impression.


You can trust LIME to deliver QUALITY in budget and on time.

For many builders, the challenge when working with a painter is the touch-up process. After the painting job has been completed and other workers enter the home to install the flooring, cabinets, electrical work etc., it is often necessary for the painter to return and touch-up areas that may have been nicked or damaged. This process of having the painter come back and touch-up paint due to overlapping tradesmen tends to drag out and can be costly for the builder. LIME has a Touch-Up Guarantee. As a part of LIME’s experience and consulting approach, touch-ups and scope of work are detailed in the initial proposal to help builders stay on top of costs. LIME is an asset for a builder when it comes to delivering quality consistently and controlling costs on a custom new build.

More than paint.

On a custom new build project, the requirements from a painter are expansive. The range of preparation and topcoat applications are endless. At LIME, our custom new build crews are built with the intent to deliver a wide array of services ranging from stains and lacquers to paints, and custom coatings. No matter the substrate and scope of work requirements, LIME is capable of providing top-notch solutions in an economical manner.

Our experience saves.

In many cases, our understanding of working on custom new build projects can be of assistance to project managers and estimators in that LIME often provides recommendations to drive costs down and manage efficiencies while keeping quality at the forefront.

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