entry after
entry before
garage after
garage before
porch ceiling after
side mid production


Assessment: At first glance this charming Hilltop brick home did not seem visibly in need of immediate paint work. The homeowners agreed with Lime that it had been over 10 years since the home was last painted and being proactive would ensure a greater finish on the home. Although the brick and siding paint was relatively adhered in “most” areas, the paint had lost its sheen and thus lost its ability to fully resist water and sun. During the initial estimate Lime could pinpoint with a trained eye, areas of paint that had cracked or was beginning to lose adhesion. Lime suspected that these little areas of wear were much more prominent than what they appeared. Sure enough after a thorough powerwash, larger flakes began to chip off particularly on the south side of the home.

Advise: Just like with all brick homes, it was pivotal for this home to use a premium paint that would not only ensure great adhesion but also produce a beautiful sheen. Limes solution for this home was to utilize Duration Exterior Paint by Sherwin Williams.  Due to a large amount of failed paint on the south side of the home, Lime advise the homeowners to preprime a large amount of the south side brick with Prime RX Peel Bond Primer, to bond the failed areas to the still adhered paint, this created an ideal profile for the Duration paint to adhere to. Lime spot primed the remainder of the areas of the home that had experienced sporadic peeling of paint. These homeowners were thrilled with the custom result and it began to leave a lasting impression on neighbors immediately.