chimney after
chimney before
entry after
entry before
entry mid production


Assessment: The homeowners of this partly brick home in the Ken Caryl Valley were so desiring to paint the existing pinkish brick that surrounded the home. Lime knew that aesthetically this would be the equivalent of purchasing a new home, and that the Lime crewman would do a fantastic job executing the project. After a long approval process with the HOA, Lime was cleared to transform this home!

Advise: When painting bare brick it is always advised to prime the brick with a masonry primer to ensure good adhesion, consistent coverage and combat the natural porosity of the brick. Lime applied a coat of Loxon Masonry primer on all the bare brick and then coated with a premium exterior paint, Duration by Sherwin Williams. The satin finish left a sheen which offered not only a beautiful finish, but also a durable surface as it would bead off moisture and put up a fight against heavy UV rays. These homeowners were thrilled to stand out against the rest of the homes in Ken Caryl, as this bold and custom finish left a lasting impression in the neighborhood.