Become an Expert in Gutter Restoration & Installation Become an Expert in Gutter Restoration & Installation

LIME Painting places quality and customer service at the forefront of every project. In order to provide an exceptional customer experience that is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing we have to be able to handle any situation. As mentioned before, we do a lot at Lime, but the extent of that is not common knowledge.

LIME Floor Coatings LIME Floor Coatings

Lime is well-known for the painting, windows and siding we do. Something that many people miss however, is our highly-skilled custom floor coatings. There are myths surrounding renovation but flooring takes the cake. While it is implied to be a relatively simple branch of home improvement, there are many things to look out for.

Lead Generation Strategies Lead Generation Strategies

To ensure a share in the current market, Lime practices multiple ways to keep clientele growing. As you know, door knocking is the heart of the Lime Painting model but marketing plays a definitive role too. To keep generating leads, we use marketing strategies such as published literature, word-of-mouth and a creative name.

Lime Painting Training Process Lime Painting Training Process

Lime Painting ensures each onboarding franchisee receives extensive training in sales, management and administration. The newest franchisee Tyler Fuss, now serves as a living testament of our training process.

LIME Painting’s Success Secret LIME Painting’s Success Secret

With a company like Lime Painting scaling the marketplace in sales, it may seem like an overwhelming business to maintain. The core of owner Nick Lopez’s business philosophy is a ..

Inner Painting Beauty Inner Painting Beauty

There is a whole subculture of people out there that LOVE to buy old homes for renovation. Some of them are driven by customizing it and making it entirely their own. Others are inspired by the physical energy they put in to the project for the pride they feel from..

Common Myths About Subcontractors Common Myths About Subcontractors

One of the biggest fears my franchisees face when starting out is scouting subcontractors that reflect our values-driven brand. Since we are about selfless, customer-oriented work at Lime Painting we aim to please our clients with top of the line results. With that being said...

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