Get LIMED is the perfect book for a young entrepreneur looking to cash in on the high-end home improvement sector.

Become an Expert in Gutter Restoration & Installation Become an Expert in Gutter Restoration & Installation

LIME Painting places quality and customer service at the forefront of every project. In order to provide an exceptional customer experience that is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing we have to be able to handle any situation. As mentioned before, we do a lot at Lime, but the extent of that is not common knowledge.

Common Myths About Subcontractors Common Myths About Subcontractors

One of the biggest fears my franchisees face when starting out is scouting subcontractors that reflect our values-driven brand. Since we are about selfless, customer-oriented work at Lime Painting we aim to please our clients with top of the line results. With that being said...

A Franchise Built to Scale A Franchise Built to Scale

LIME’s franchise is built to scale through low overhead, minimal employees, and technology.

Build Your Empire with LIME Painting Build Your Empire with LIME Painting

As a franchise owner who works on your business as opposed to in it, you don’t have to know how to paint because you will never pick up a paintbrush.

Talent is the Separator Talent is the Separator

All to often, companies win on advertising and marketing, but don’t deliver on expectations set during the sales process. I was recently filming the after shots of a custom new construction project that my team...

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