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How to be Ready for the Risks of Winter Weather

At first glance, snowfall is beautiful and calming but it is quite chaotic if it causes problems to your home.


It may not be something you are thinking about regularly but in the days that follow snowfall, moisture can accumulate in the seals of windows and doors, behind vinyl siding, into basements and under shingles. It’s no secret that moisture is critical to the life of a paint job but if heavy snow and ice build-up on top of your house, it can also cause your roof to collapse under the weight.


Realistically, your chances of that happening are slim because houses constructed in the past few decades are generally stabilized with more up-to-date building codes equipped to support more weight and wind. In most cases, excessive snow manifests in more subtle ways like leaks and cracks which can easily be fixed by the team at LIME Painting.


If you think the snow and ice are starting to get heavy, never climb up to shovel the roof off. This is a terrible idea that could leave you seriously injured. You are going to add more weight to the roof and risk the danger of slipping due to icey surfaces with no traction. If you absolutely cannot wait, contact a professional snow removal service. 


What you can do is pay extra attention to your surroundings. To keep an eye out this winter for potential hazards watch for puddles or drips inside your home. Go into the attic each week to monitor dryness and damage. Try to be aware of temperature fluctuations in different parts of the house as well. If there is a draft coming in there may be a crack somewhere which can lead to a collapse. In basements, unusual humidity or a pungent smell indicate moisture too.    


More commonly, the weight of snow and ice can bring branches down over time that can destroy whole sections of your home. In the event of loose debris, the damage will be more obvious. If you know a portion of your home has been compromised do your best to clear the area of moisture as soon as possible.


I know what you’re thinking, how is drying what’s left of the family room going to help anything? With a portion of your home now completely exposed to the elements, you would be surprised how much you can save by drying off the floorboards and walls until reconstruction begins. In cities with long winters it is typical for cracks and leaks to occur so stay aware of issues prior to an accident.


There are many ways to tell if winter weather is stressing the stability of your home but your best bet is relying on the experts. Schedule a consultation with LIME Painting today and let us help you check the infrastructure of your home.

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