Today, homeowners better understand the importance of investing in their homes to ultimately make a return on their investment someday.  


If you’re considering listing your humble abode, pump the brakes. It’s tough to know which renovations are worth your time and money. Going through and fixing every little thing you’ve been putting off for all those years is not the answer. No, you want a strategy. You want to invest in improving the parts of your home that increase the overall worth of it.


I have the most profitable improvements you can make with Lime Painting this year and some of these may come as a shock.


Add Square Feet


Adding a room with an attic or basement renovation can add up to $40,000.00 to the value of your home. The key is bringing a previously unused or unfinished area to its full potential. While you add square footage to your home, you reinforce the structure of the space. With increased traffic in the new room maintenance becomes easier than it was when the space was out of sight and out of mind. That’s right, you can finally eliminate those cobwebs and spruce up the energy with inviting furniture to rest and relax on rather than just collect dust.


At Lime Painting we highly recommend this for anybody looking to list it. On the surface, a renovated room is simply more appealing than a creepy, abandoned one. Deeper than that, these areas of your home become less compromised by weather and time.


Add or Finish a Deck


If you have a deck, your home is already worth more than those that don’t. The deck is your ideal option for hosting and entertaining guests and the demand for one varies regionally. In Colorado, we like to take advantage of our short summer seasons so a deck is a feature that many home buyers search for. This deck, like the storage room restoration projects, can add square footage to the home as well.


A 2016 remodeling impact study by the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Landscape Professionals estimated that a new wooden deck will recover 106 percent of its value when it’s sold. Lime Painting did 45 decks last year and that means staining, restoring and building. Before selling your home consider adding a deck or improving the one you already have.



Consider additions or renovations that increase the value of your home exceeding the costs of your investment. The most important result for homeowners and buyers is getting their money’s worth. With Lime Painting’s skills and knowledge, we can help you achieve this goal with ease before selling your home.