If water damage reaches wood, leather furniture, electronics or appliances you could be looking at thousands of dollars in damage.


At LIME Painting, we are certified to recognize these issues before the damage is irreversible. We are not a company that cleans up the damage, but we can restore the integrity of your home and also notice growing mold or asbestos before they are problematic. 


What Causes Water Damage?

There are several ways that water damage can happen! While flooding rains and melting snow commonly affect our clients in Denver, there are many more accidental factors that can cause damage too. Leaking dishwashers, overflowing washing machines, roof damage, old toilets, and cracks in the home’s foundation are sometimes components of water damage too.


Side Effects of Water Damage  

Cleaning is the most important thing to do after you discover water damage. Assessing the severity of the damage is important for determining what is needed to start repair. There are three categories of water damage. Category 1 is clean water, category 2 is dirty water, and category 3 is black water.


Categories 2 and 3 can cause illness, especially if the damage is not discovered for some time. Typically, category 3 will be a sewage issue so you definitely want to call a professional and steer clear of the mess.


If you have any pets or small children make sure to keep them away from discolored water or saturated debris in the damaged area. Water damage repair is easiest with a category 1 disaster but all cases can cause significant damage to the structure of the home.



If your home has experienced some water damage this year, call the guys at LIME to schedule your free consultation today.