Residential Interior Painting

You can trust LIME as we prioritize values and hiring quality people.

Love. Integrity. Mission. Excellence.®

LIME’s interior paint service is a reliable and consistent QUALITY service that leaves a lasting impression, themed by a professional custom finish. Lines are sharp, the application is consistent, and the top coat recommended is best in class. To boot, LIME’s craftsmen are highly vetted and very talented.


From design and drywall texture, to paint and custom coatings like faux, cabinets, stains, and epoxy, LIME does more than paint.

GREEN Stands For Quality®

No matter the difficulty of the scope of work, LIME has the expertise to consult and the craftsmen to execute QUALITY work that is on time and within budget, and with a customer experience that is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing.

LIME’s niched high-end luxury paint service model sets the standard for where QUALITY meets turnkey Service. Working with LIME is the right choice when you want professionalism and expertise, and the job done right the first time.

Drywall is kind of LIME’s thing.

LIME doesn’t just paint surfaces - we are experts of the surfaces that we coat as well. So when you need nicks and dings patched, popcorn ceilings removed, walls textured and everything in between, LIME is your trusted resource.

In addition to drywall work, LIME has carpenters on our team, so any crown molding installation or wood work required prior to painting, LIME can streamline the process.

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