back after
back mid production
roofline after
roofline before
side after
side before
side mid production
soffit after
soffit before
window after
window mid production


ASSESSMENT: We met Joanne on a cold winter day knocking doors in Heritage Greens. We noticed that the siding boards were extremely weathered, paint was peeling, bare wood was exposed in spots, and the entire west side was completely destroyed by hail. The entire side above the garage roofline would need to be removed to do this job correctly. There were multiple wood trim and window sill boards that were compromised and would need replaced as well. Lime could save the other 3 sides of the home but the back of the home would need some major prep as it was North facing and was severely distressed. The soffit ceilings on the back porch had drywall and paint peeling off and needed a patch. There were 5 windows that would all need the trim rebuilt around them. This was going to be a large, tedious, detailed job, with a lot of quality prep and products. We would need our most experienced wood craftsman for sure.

ADVISE: Lime power washed the home as in all routine re-paints to remove all of the dirt and chalking from the faded peeling paint. Next we masked the entire home, and caulked all the seams and joints and multiple nail holes that were indented into the siding that were becoming water prone areas. We thoroughly scraped under every siding board drip edge and where paint came off we applied a thick coat of Peel Bond Primer. This home took a large amount of caulking and spot priming as noticed in the pictures. We also removed and installed dozens and dozens of new cedar siding boards on the entire west side of the home above the garage, on the garage, around 5 windows, and random areas on the home.  After the prep was audited multiple times, we sprayed the home with a thick top coat of SW Duration Satin. Now it is protected from the sun, snow, and rain, and will last 8-10yrs. Our client was very well pleased, was happy to do a BBB review, has given multiple phone references to other neighbors, and has since invited Lime back for 3 more projects including exterior/interior.