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Custom Historic Makeover in Premier Park Hill

Assessment: Don called as a referral from a couple neighbors in the Ken Caryl Valley North Ranch. He wanted to re-cedar his entire house and needed a quote for stain. LIME observed that the gutters, soffits, and fascia were going to stay original while the rest of the home would have brand new cedar installed. We saw many places where the soffits underneath were never caulked to the fascia boards, and, for the first time, the home would need to have a new water seal on all four sides. The homeowners had specific desires about color, so LIME referred them to our professional designer as a complimentary service.
Advice: LIME power washed the old soffits, fascia, and gutters, then masked the home. We performed four-directional scraping and then caulked and sealed all of the joints and seams. Next, we applied Peel Bond Primer to all water prone areas, and finally we recommended a solid stain. The color choice was perfect, the homeowners were thrilled, and the home was dramatically transformed. Due to the new updates and LIME’s quality work, the Morgan’s home is now one of the most beautiful homes on the block. They were so impressed that they invited all of LIME’s crew and staff to an after-party with snacks and appetizers and gladly did both a BBB review and a video review, which can be seen by selecting the “testimonies” tab.

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