front mid production
garage after
garage before
garage door after
metall railing after
side after
side before
siding after
siding before
water sealed siding
water sealed soffit
window after
window before
window after
side after
side before


Assessment: This homeowner was referred to Lime and they were glad they did as there were custom coatings and thorough prep on the home that needed to be done. Lime initially noticed that the trim had multiple stain products on the house in different finishes from semi solid to semi transparent and with it being 10+ years since its last service the wood was exposed to the elements. The board and batten and tudor siding had also not been sealed wtih caulking in all “Standard Lime” areas, such as where the board and batten meet. Lime noticed woodpeckers had taken a liking to the fascia around the house so Lime would have to fill and sand those prior to coating. With a color change in order, Lime identified other coatable surfaces that would truly transform the home including the manufactured windows, metal railings, and stone vents.

Advise: Due to the nature of the type of siding, Lime would take a generous amount of time “water sealing” the home. Lime ran beads of thick elastomeric caulk in these seams to not only ensure a water seal, but to also leave a custom and professional finish. Because the wood was previously stained there were many large cracks that Lime took the liberty to caulk to ensure there could be no points of entry for premature paint failure. Lime applied a heavy coat of Sherwin Williams duration paint, but because of the bare and textured nautre of some of the trim, after spraying Lime backrolled the paint into the substrate to ensure there was proper adhesion. The homeonwers desire was to change the color scheme to neutral, but with current forest green accented windows and metal railings, some additional coatings would be needed; Lime was happy to help! A 3 step process to paint the windows was needed: lightly sanding the aluminum window frame, prime with a bonding primer and top coat with a direct to metal paint. This process would allow for the windows to have integrity and have the homeowners request answered! Now everyone who came to visit would not only admire the views, but also the lasting impression of the freshly LIMED home!