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Assessment: Located in Wash Park, this home was converted from a single story brick bungalow to a 2 story tudor home. This homeowner had seen Lime in the neighborhood and had Lime out to paint the home. The home’s paint had become peeled and faded particularly on the eaves along the peak of the home. It was determined that the lack of gutters on the peaks resulted in the extreme paint wear on these areas.

Advise: On the particularly worn areas, Lime decided to apply a pre-prime coat to ensure great adhesion and optimal performance for the top coat paint. The paint Lime used was Emerald by Sherwin Williams in a satin finish. With the tudor addition being fairly new, the tudor boards had not been sealed with a caulking so Lime sealed all boards with an elastomeric caulking to ensure the moisture could not prematurely put wear on the paint.