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About This Project

 This homeowner wanted a transformation that would make the home stand out against the rest of the suburban homes. He called LIME with the hopes of establishing a whitewash distressed brick over the existing red brick and he wanted to complement the finish with a new color mix to the trim and stucco. LIME knew that, without much paint wear, this project was all about clean cut lines and the execution of a very custom brick application.

Advice: The distressed look that a whitewash achieves means no prep work on the brick because with time and wear the brick will look better! After power washing the brick, LIME watered down a standard flat finish white paint to a more viscous consistency. The flat finish would allow for a more authentic distressed look. LIME applied the paint with light horizontal brush strokes and then power washed sections to give a more natural distressed finish. Above the brick was second story stucco siding that was in good shape and received a face lift with a royal blue color and gray accented trim. The completion on this home was surely custom, surely impressionable, and surely right up LIME’s alley!

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