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7 Interior Design Projects to Complement a New Coat of Paint

As a homeowner, you should always feel at peace and relaxed in your space. Working to improve your home and make it beautiful, comfortable, and functional is likely always on your list of things to do. After all, we should always be continually working on creating a space we love. 

A great place to start is with a professional new coat of paint, but professionals can help you with any home improvement project. Here are some ideas that will complement a new coat of paint, no matter the color. 


1. New Flooring

When going for a new coat of paint, updating the flooring will provide a nice finishing touch to your interior. For instance, if you repaint the kitchen, why not install new vinyl kitchen flooring. Vinyl kitchen flooring is durable and easy to maintain. You can always add vinyl throughout the rest of your home too to create a cohesive look. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of finishes and colors so that it matches any interior style. It is also affordable and easy to install, though professionals can help make the installation a bit quicker. 

2. Window Treatments

Window treatments are the perfect way to either add contrast or bring in your new paint color into your interior space. Curtains are a great accent and allow you to choose how much light you let in. Blackout curtains can block out light while light filtering curtains can allow the natural light in. Another tip to accent your new wall with window treatments is to hang them higher and all the way down to the floor which makes a statement and makes the room look larger. Making the room look larger is a fantastic option especially if you have gone with a darker paint color.


3. Enjoy Your New Space

Make a place to enjoy your new coat of paint. One great idea is a living room bay window. A few living room bay window ideas include adding a seat to read or enjoy your morning coffee, utilizing stained glass to make a decorative statement, or just simple bay windows that can let the light in. No matter which of the living room bay window ideas you go with, ensure that it helps curate a peaceful relaxing space within your home. 

4. Upgraded Fixtures

Your new paint can’t really shine if everything around it is drab. Upgraded fixtures are one interior design project that complements a new coat of paint. Replace the light fixtures and even plumbing fixtures to give your interior a whole new look. We do recommend matching the finishes on any new fixtures to create a cohesive look. For instance, if you go with stainless steel in the kitchen for the lighting, choose a stainless steel finish in the living room as well.  Additionally, bringing more light to your home after painting can help brighten it up and curate an entirely new feel.


5. Complement Your Walls with Furniture

Furniture wood stain colors can make a big difference in the look of your home just like a new coat of paint can. You don’t have to buy new furniture, just sand down your current furniture and pick your favorite new wood stain colors for an entirely new style. It is a good idea to match the same wood stain colors among each of your pieces of furniture. You can also reupholster furniture with various fabrics if they no longer match your color scheme after a fresh coat of paint. 

6. Organization Elements

A new coat of paint will shine if everything is in its place. A great project to help with that is anything to do with organization. Add shelves to a hall closet, build in shelves in the dining room, or create storage underneath one of the living room bay window ideas we talked about. There are a lot of ways to add extra storage even if you have a small space. Every bit of organization space you can come up with will make a difference. Having a built-in location for all of your stuff will allow the rest of the interior to sparkle. 


7. Refresh the Doors and Trim

White trim with wood doors brings a level of contrast and elegance to your home and will complement a new fresh coat of paint nicely. After you paint the walls, why not refresh the doors and trim. Paint the trim white and refinish and stain the doors to bring out the natural wood grain. White trim with wood doors are truly stunning. However, if your doors are already painted, white trim will look good with most interior door colors. 

Making your home a beautiful and relaxing space can be a long process, but the final result is always worth the effort. Bringing in professionals to help can ease some of the load off of you and ensure a polished final product with attention to detail.

Andrew Wesley is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.