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Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs: Setting Your Franchise Business For Success With Jillyan Morris

LUNL 7 | Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs

This episode of the show provides you with valuable insights and inspiration. You’ll discover the remarkable story of Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs, the role Jillyan Morris played in the company, and the journey toward success. During the program, you will also learn more about corporate values and goals for the future. You will see firsthand how teamwork has been integral to the growth of the company and the development of its internal systems. Discover why Fitness Premier 24/7 clubs are a shining example of how centralized franchises can work to achieve maximum success. Jillyan, the company’s franchise guru, will also share tips on how to have a successful franchise opening. You will gain a better understanding of how data and KPIs are used to enhance the results of the company. Additionally, the show will demonstrate the benefits of hiring and promoting from within the organization, allowing Fitness Premier 24/7 clubs to create a culture of loyalty, excellence, and teamwork. And the best part? That’s not even half of what you can expect from the program. You can expect so much more from this must-watch show that is sure to be the highlight of your day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as you take a fascinating and educational journey.

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Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs: Setting Your Franchise Business For Success With Jillyan Morris

Jillyan, The Company’s Franchise Guru, Gives Her Insights On What It Is That Makes This Franchise Company A Total Success.

Welcome to the Level Up Show with Nick Lopez, where we have the absolute pleasure of learning from thought leaders in the franchising business and high-performance personal development. Our guest most certainly goes without exception. She does probably one of the most important roles in all of franchising as she directly supports, trains, and coaches franchise owners. Jillyan Morris, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here.

It’s most certainly a pleasure. I’m looking forward to diving into your world and sharing with our audience what exactly you do day in, day out because it is very important. Let’s get started. Many times, folks think about franchising and driving by a McDonald’s or a Burger King. They don’t necessarily realize that a franchise could also be a fitness brand, a health and wellness brand, or a home service brand. Franchising comes in so many different forms and is an integral part of our everyday lives. Jillyan, it isn’t like folks raise their hand and say, “I’m going to study and prepare to join the world of franchising.” Franchising oftentimes has a way of finding us. I am curious, how did franchising find you?

I started with Massage Envy many years ago. I started as an aesthetician. I was on the service side of things. As my career grew, I took different opportunities with management and eventually, became a regional manager over four locations. I segued into growing up and taking different positions within a franchise. I looked to a franchise. I wanted to start working with a franchise because I thought it would give me more opportunities to grow and make a career out of it.

Were you working for a franchise owner at that time?

LUNL 7 | Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs

I was. Our CEO here at Fitness Premier was the franchisee for the Massage Envy that I was working for.

It sounds like he was a multi-unit owner. You were saying five locations.

He had four locations, and then as we segued out, that was how my role evolved here at Fitness Premier because Fitness Premier was growing. He still had these locations as well as the health clubs that he had.

That’s a great transition. Would you mind telling us about Fitness Premier and what the company is all about? Why is it such an exciting fit company?

We primarily focus on more of the outlining communities, more of a smaller atmosphere. We pride ourselves in having that community feel. When you walk into our gyms, we want it to be non-intimidating. We have that camaraderie and a good atmosphere. We like to say the Cheers effect, where you walk in, everyone knows your name. That’s where our niche is, finding a good market that has the people there that want to come into our clubs. We also offer an array of services. As far as classes, personal training, we have two different types of group training that we do for team training and then FitWave. We have quite a variety, and we have a big value to our membership. We’re not just cardio and free weights. There’s a lot more that goes into our club.

I love how you said that Cheers effect. You walk in, and everybody knows you. Clearly, culture and people are at the center of the business model.

That’s one place, and that’s a big focus of ours, even with our corporate office here within the clubs, within our staff, and then even down to our members. We focus and strive to have a good welcoming, positive culture. That’s huge to us and it’s very important.

What is the Founder’s name? Would you mind sharing a little bit about him, beyond what you have already and why he started the fitness company?

His name is Jason Markowicz. He was an athlete growing up. He played football in college, so he had that drive and the excitement and then the motivation. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s always looking to increase and do better and to keep going towards the best out there. He started wiping down machines, cleaning in the gym, and now he’s the CEO of our Fitness Premier.

Keep going and keep leveling up. He’s casting vision and breaking ceilings. It sounds like you’re such an important part of the company. I’m appreciative of your relationship from an outside perspective. Knowing how you two started together and, ultimately, are still working together, that’s awesome. Where is the company going over the next two years?

We would love to keep growing and keep expanding. The majority of our locations are in Illinois. We do have one in Indiana. The goal would be to have a bigger footprint, have more locations, and create more opportunity and success for future franchisees, or even our current ones as well. That’s even evolving our model. One thing that we’re starting up this year is adding a relax and restore, and recovery amenity to some of our locations. Focusing on not the fitness side but more on wellness, being more preventative, more self-care, and again, offering more value to our current members and future members.

Differentiation and value are so critical, especially in ensuring that franchise owners are competitive and relevant in the marketplace. There are so many options. No matter what service product you’re offering, it’s very rare that you’re a standalone company. There’s competition. There are other options. Standardizing additional revenue streams but from the marketplace standpoint, what they care about is more value.

I love how you’re diversifying the services that you’re offering. I would love to transition into a little bit more about yourself. I’m looking forward to learning and hearing more about how you are supporting owners. It’s such a critical role and responsibility in franchising. Would you mind sharing with us what your specific role is and what you do on a day in, day out?

I act as the liaison between our corporate office and the franchisees. That’s the main focus of my role. It’s a constant communication with franchisees, even managers, and our operators within the clubs too. Having those relationships, visiting the clubs, and having a presence in the clubs as well too. It’s super important to us, but we look at, “How can I help make a franchisee successful?” We look at profitability, we look at budgets, we’re looking at reports and numbers, and how can we continue to grow their business? It helps when you have someone from the outside looking in. Most of our franchisees are in their clubs on a day-to-day basis. Having a different opinion and another set of eyes could be beneficial if we’re missing something.

We work hand in hand. We do this together. We work as a support team for sure. Ultimately, I want everyone to be successful and all the clubs to grow and be successful as well too. My day-to-day varies. It could be very different, depending on the day, which I love. I like having a different schedule every day and visiting the clubs. I’m a big people person. Building those relationships and having that openness between the corporate office and then our clubs as well.

That liaison, as you’d mentioned. The relationship between the home office and the franchise partners is paramount in delivering consistent, reliable service. It’s all about the consumer. The more that the franchise owners and home office can work together to strengthen that service and ensure consistency across the brand, it’s paramount and in the heartbeat of a franchise company, clearly. When I say one of the most important roles in franchising, I’m not exaggerating.

A lot of folks that come into franchising may not have owned a business before. This is potentially their first business. It’s their first time running a fitness company and running a service-based company. There are so many firsts. Having yourself there as a liaison between all the brand standards, processes, systems, and everything that goes into being a business owner, it’s so important. You had mentioned data. I’m curious how you use data to improve the results and day-to-day of franchise owners.

We track multiple KPIs and metrics, anywhere from membership enrollments down to our freezes class participation. There is a lot that goes into our business. When you’re looking at these reports, we can hone in and do a deep dive, if something seems off. It could be we had a bad week of weather and there were numbers down. There’s a lot that would contribute to these numbers. We focus on doing a deep dive and optimizing how we can improve where there are holes, and what we can do better.

you guys have been working on streamlining some of your internal processes along the vein of our conversation here. Can you share a little bit about what that looked like?

Our goal and focus is to simplify things within all of our locations. One thing that we are going to introduce here in quarter two is we will have a kiosk in our locations where a member or a future member can utilize the kiosk. This way, it opens up our staff to be in the moment, coach, engage with our members, and build those relationships. We’re excited about that. We’re excited to utilize a little bit more technology and make it more efficient and easy for everyone within our location. That’s one thing that we are focusing on right now to help streamline things.

As you’ve been talking about, I have been thinking, what do you notice is probably one of the easiest things for franchise owners to catch onto when they’re new in the business? Where they come in, they enjoy it. It’s second nature. What is that for Fitness Premier?

It varies on the franchisee. Some people navigate towards reports in the numbers, and they like to see that, whereas another franchisee enjoys developing their staff and watching the club build out and unfold. It honestly depends on the person going into it. During the opening, there’s a lot of excitement. It’s a lot of information as well too. It’s a mix. There’s the nervousness. There’s the excitement. All in all, that’s an exciting time when we’re opening up a new club.

That franchise owner is going into entrepreneurship and realizing their American dream. It’s a special experience. I love how you took it where you took it. I didn’t expect that. It clearly speaks to what you’ve mentioned, which is you enjoy working with people. What I’m saying is that you approached it as each individual has different skillsets and traits that they look at the world differently. Some are data-driven, and some are culture driven. I’m sure that’s probably how you approach those day-in, day-out conversations. Realizing that, “I can’t coach everybody the same way.” Each person is unique and has different strengths, skillsets, and interests. How do you approach your role from that standpoint?

I usually have a pretty good read on people. I can tell where their heads are and how they make decisions, whether it’s logical or emotional. Playing to their strengths, but then also understanding, where they may need a little bit more attention, for sure. Those conversations vary. Someone who is data-driven may need a little bit more work on the people aspect and growing their team. Opposite, if someone’s more in the business with the culture and needs a little bit more help understanding the data and the reports. The key would be identifying who that person is, how they learn, and what they like to focus on.

LUNL 7 | Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs
Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs: The key would be identifying who that person is, how they learn, and what they like to focus on.

I’m having these thoughts. You’re getting my brain spinning in here. What would you say is the category that Fitness Premier falls into the fitness space?

We’re in the middle. We’re not the studio that only does classes, but then we’re not those massive gyms with the pools, the steam room, and all of that. We focus on overall wellness too. I would say we’re in a happy medium.

Would you mind going there a little bit more on the health and wellness side, giving me more clarity on what you meant by that?

We’re slowly implementing and rolling out our relax and restore rooms. Recovery is incredibly important, not only physically but mentally as well too. Our recovery rooms look to be more preventative for injury and help mentally as well. We have different amenities that we offer, as far as a sauna. We have a Human Touch chair, a Hydro bed, and there are TheraGuns. There are different amenities that each club may offer. It obviously varies, but I think that’s the direction in which our society’s going. We want to encourage that as well. We want to be a part of that growth too.

Mental health specifically. Fitness is clearly such a complementary part of living a healthy lifestyle.

It doesn’t stop at the gym. It’s when you go home. It’s how you take care of yourself. That to us is very important as well. That’s why we want to focus on more of the value that we’re offering and more wellness space rather than fitness.

It’s very innovative.

We’re excited.

I can see how potential franchise owners would see this as a very marketable and competitive business model that is not every other fitness company. It most certainly is breaking ceilings and on the cutting edge there of what our society needs as a whole, which is more balance and education around how to take care of ourselves. We’re such busy bees in America. We oftentimes forget to take care of the temple, which is our body, our headspace, and overall health.

What an amazing company and service that you guys provide clearly bringing important services to local communities. What’s even better is that you’re doing it in a way that allows people to achieve their American dream, through franchise ownership, through business ownership. Having you as a coach and a liaison along the way to put those dots together is very cool.

There’s so much that goes on with being a franchise owner, as we mentioned, learning the ins and outs, learning the business, and staying in sync with the home office, speaking to the franchise owner. Your guys’ team at the home office has been working to centralize all of these systems and processes, everything that goes into a franchise. Would you mind elaborating and sharing a little bit about what that centralizing of everything looks like?

We have a wonderful support staff here. We try and centralize everything to make it an easy business to run for a franchisee. The support that we offer goes anywhere from payroll to our financial department. We have an education and training department. We have a marketing department, and we even have club support. Our club support works with any customer calls or any membership changes that come through that we can help facilitate. It allows teams in the club to focus on in-person communication. We work hard to create these systems and then execute them. We have constant communication with our franchisees and with the club, and we have that support where they don’t necessarily feel alone. If they have a question, they have someone that they can reach out to.

You’ve mentioned so many times allowing that owner to focus on the interaction with the customer.

We feel that’s so important to us. We’re in these smaller communities. We want that family feel, and we want them to be excited to come into the clubs and to have familiar faces. Our approach is to let them focus on their business and run it. If there’s anything on the backend that we can help take care of for them, we want to do that.

LUNL 7 | Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs
Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs: Our approach is to really let them focus on their business and run it. If there’s anything on the backend that we can help take care of for them, we absolutely want to do that.

I would imagine that a big part of success in the long haul is member retention. It’s keeping them for X period of time. I’m sure you have a target for what that average should be. By doing things like having a kiosk at the check-in, where you don’t have to build your relationship around, “Let’s get you checked in. Let’s talk about the X’s and O’s here.” Rather, it’s greet, focus on the relationship, focus on the mental health, the goals, and what’s relevant from a fitness and health standpoint. It makes a lot of sense. Clearly, as the franchisor, thinking ahead and having the big picture in mind for both the franchise owner and the customer, how we make the business differentiated, deliver more value, and streamline it for the franchise owner.

You’re probably innovating and thinking about these different components pretty regularly as a home office, even if all of them don’t get to the franchise owner. I’m sure that a lot of the brain power is constantly thinking about, “How do we become more efficient? How do we make it easier for our owners? How do we deliver more value to the customer?” Do you have any of those thoughts and general brainstorming that’s gone in that maybe haven’t made it to the consumers or the franchise owners?

That is a constant topic for us. If I could show you our whiteboard right now, it says there, “How do we make things more efficient?” That’s something that we’re always working on. How can we make things more turnkey for a franchisee, opening up one of our locations? How do we make it more streamlined? How do we make it easier to operate and more efficient? That’s a constant thing that we are working on the leadership team side to make it more successful and make and create more opportunities as well. That is a constant topic of conversation, which I feel, it probably will be for the foreseeable future as well too. We are always looking to improve ourselves and to keep working on ourselves.

Who’s the integrator on your team at the home office?

That would be our COO, Rick King. He’s the one that’s navigating these conversations and keeping them top of mind for sure.

He had that CEO role so critical for taking all the visions, and all the ideas and logically integrating them into the platform and playbook. It’s so much fun. Being in the home office, being able to lead the growth of this incredible fitness company, and bringing so much unique value that is improving the lives of customers and people in local communities. I commend the work you guys are doing over there. I’m curious, somebody’s new in your franchise and they’re opening for the first time. What are some tips for them to be successful in doing that opening?

Expect the unexpected. Everything that’s going to go wrong usually goes wrong in the first month. That seems to be how everything falls. Once you get past those rough waters and stay optimistic, driven, and hungry, eventually everything will fall into place. Patience is important. Do not lose sight of that. To keep staying positive and chugging along, that’s huge. Mindset is huge when you’re opening up a business.

You’re creating something that doesn’t exist yet.

Technology never fails. Something wrong is going to happen with the computers or the scanner, something that never fails.

It’s probably multiple things on the same day.

When it rains, it pours.

That’s the incredible part of being an entrepreneur. Many folks think about getting into business for decades, in some cases. They never take that step. They never take that leap. I’m always so appreciative and admire the franchise owners that do because they are taking a step of faith and confidence in themselves and in the company that they’re going into business with. That is rare.

It’s a beautiful thing because they’re taking that step to make their American dream a reality. They’re stepping into entrepreneurship. I say all that as a long-winded way of saying that. One of the amazing parts of being an entrepreneur is that you’re constantly creating something that doesn’t exist. As a franchise owner, that’s generally around your vision.

What vision do you have for your location over the next year, over the next two years, for your team, for your customers, for the location, multiple locations? Those things don’t exist until the work and the behavior are put in to create that reality. In many cases, that’s a franchise owner, an owner-operator, or maybe a small team. That team grows over time, and the owner that’s working in the business begins working on the business. Those skills grow, and eventually, that vision is transferred and communicated to a team.

That team is an extension of that franchise owner’s vision. Opening a location for the first time, if you’re new to entrepreneurship, it’s your first encounter with that reality, that skill that is built. Every time that you cast a vision and put in the work for it to become reality, there is oftentimes, clunkiness, fumbling, what you can call failures, and maybe lessons, that come along the way with making that a reality.

This is clearly the heart of franchise ownership here and has me going on. I love that you led with that because it’s all about expectations and setting the right tone. If you can give franchise owners advice that, “The first phase, you know nothing about the business, you’re probably new to business ownership as a whole, and frankly, everything’s getting set up. Anytime there’s a setup, you’re going to have to troubleshoot.”

You have all those components coming together, and it’s like, “Be patient. Have the right perspective. Keep it all in perspective here. Remember, what’s the big picture? Where are we at?” That’s your world. You’re giving that context. You’re reinforcing that perspective and level setting and walking next to your franchise partners as they’re opening. It’s pretty neat. What other tips would you give to somebody new that’s opening?

We’re in this together. This is a new marriage, so to speak. We’re supporting each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If we don’t have an answer, we’ll find an answer for you. That’s incredibly important when opening up a new business or going into a new career. Having that support is crucial. You’re not alone. You have it. The other people have gone through the same process. Having that support and feeling confident in that is very important.

We’re in this together, and if I don’t have the answer immediately, we will find you an answer. That is another gold nugget there that is spoken like a pro. I love it.

Believe me, I’ve asked, I don’t know the answers to everything, and I will be the first to admit it. I’ve asked several times. I’ll get back to you. Having the backing and the support is huge and important. It’s such a priority.

There’s so much humility in what you’ve been talking about. Humility from the standpoint that it’s not going to be perfect for the first 30 days, and that’s not the expectation. It’s okay for you to operate in that realm. Are you going to be comfortable in it? Probably not. I’m here for you every step of the way, and it’s not unusual. We’re in business together. We’re going to get through this together. If you have any questions whatsoever, I’m going to be here supporting you, troubleshooting, and walking you through the playbook. I may not have every answer, and that’s okay.

It’s definite. I don’t have every answer.

You may not execute beautifully and perfectly, and I may not have every answer perfectly and beautifully. That’s, at the core, humility. There’s grace in that. That is a wonderful way to set the foundation of this pivotal, incredible relationship between a franchise owner and a home office. We are again, aligned in serving the customer. This is all about the customer.

We’re opening this location and going through this troubleshooting and training you and your team, and getting you through your roadmap to opening. We’re ultimately doing this for the customer. We’re united, essentially taking on a ten-year marriage here. We’re doing it together. At the core of that is humility. You may make some mistakes. We may not have all the answers all the time, but that’s okay. We are in this together, and there’s always an answer.

What we’re doing here is not rocket science. We’re not cutting atoms, protons, and all these other things that are pretty out there. We’re opening a fitness business. There are thousands of them. We are going to, at the core, have a relationship that is based on humility, open communication, trust, and knowing that we’re in this together. That’s the beauty of the franchise model. We’re in business for ourselves as franchise owners, but we are not in business by ourselves. What an incredible business model, a growth model, which you guys are clearly growing, expanding, and taking this partnership to more customers and markets. I commend what you guys are doing.

LUNL 7 | Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs
Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs: Have a relationship based on humility, open communication, and trust, and know that we’re in this together.

Specifically, I commend your role because it’s such an important part of creating success in franchising, and when what you do is done right, you are showing that in spades. When you do what you do well, franchise owners have every opportunity to be successful and have the support in the partnership and in the relationship that they need. I think so highly of what you do, day in and day out. So much of what you guys do is about the people and the culture, and something that I also admire about your company is that you hire from within. Why do you guys do that?

We love to do that. The majority of our franchisees have started in different roles and positions within the club. One started as a personal trainer. One started as a kids’ room attendant. It’s so gratifying and rewarding to see them grow and have more opportunities and more success. For us, hiring and promoting from within allows us to grow with them too. If we can see that we have someone that has that drive, compassion, and excitement, why not take advantage of that? Why not give them opportunities to help better themselves and make a career out of it?

We love to do that. Not saying that we wouldn’t have an outsider by any means, but it’s more impactful for us to watch someone go through the ranks and go through all the different roles. That’s important to us as well. We love to see that growth, and all around, we want people to have success. Whether that’s individual from a club level or from our corporate side, we all have that common goal here.

Oftentimes, in franchising, any franchisor has three customers, the end consumer. Someone coming into the fitness company through those doors, they’re there to get in shape, take care of their health their wellness, and then you have the franchise owner. Everything that goes into supporting them to support the customer better. You then have the home office, and that’s a lot of what you’re talking about. There is promoting from within when it comes to the home office.

That provides a career and that is changing somebody’s life, much like the health of a customer that comes into your fitness door or a franchise owner that obtains the American dream of entrepreneurship. With the home office, you’re giving them a career and a long-term opportunity where they know that they can level up, and they have the opportunity to get promoted. It’s not about showing up, clock in, and clock out.

If you develop your skills, you understand the brand, and you’re willing to be coached and grow your skillsets, there are other opportunities here for you. The sky’s the limit, and we’re growing. We’re going to need you on the team. If you’re the right person on the bus, the seat may not exist. We’ll create it for you if you’re the right person. Frankly, you may move up in the bus, but once you’re on the bus and we’re growing, we need you. Let’s grow together, much like the franchise owners. I love it. You guys are clearly doing business the right way. What’s an example of somebody that you’ve seen level up career-wise and be promoted from within?

We had someone. He was an assistant manager who grew and took some opportunities. He was dedicated and excited. We are remodeling. We’re rebranding one of our older clubs. He had an opportunity to have a percentage of ownership now. Watching him create and build was so exciting. That was something we were excited about and watching that unfold, he is deserving of it. We’re excited. He has way more opportunities down the road. This is a stepping stone.

What you do is so incredible in franchising, and you work for a company that is truly doing business the right way. I love that example. I’m sure his hair caught on fire when he knew he was going to get some ownership there. His reality for what’s possible expanded. You changed his life and gave him an incredible opportunity. It’s the first of many, so let’s go.

That’s the beauty of the franchise model. It’s a growth model. We’re able to impact more customers, more folks that want business ownership, that are a good fit for our business that provides them with the lifestyle that lines up with their skills. At the home office, providing real career opportunities that help change lives, doing some incredible work. Another thing that I appreciate about Fitness Premier is your home office being so focused on franchise owners coming first. What does that mean? What does that look like day in, day out?

LUNL 7 | Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs

The first thing, whenever we are discussing any rollout, change, adjustment, or something new, we always think of it from the franchisee’s perspective first. We want to make sure that it is a good move for both Fitness Premier and the franchisee. The last thing we want to do is put something on them that they may be uncomfortable with or they may not agree with. We always try and take that stance on how this would be perceived. How is this going to be executed? We put thought into everything that we roll out or anything that we do. It’s not necessarily the spur-of-the-moment decision. We have a pretty good process in place there.

It’s their business too.

They’re looking to us as that support. We’re a team here, so we want to make sure it’s good for everyone.

All too often. The reason why I wanted to hear your perspective on this was not every franchise company subscribes to franchise owners coming first. Not every corporation has that upside-down pyramid approach. It can be pretty top-down. “Here’s the policy. Here’s the system. Here’s the playbook change. Implement it and let us know if you have any questions on how to implement it, but don’t ask questions about why we’re doing it.”

Having a mentality of franchise owners coming first means that you have so many changes and innovations, especially being an emerging brand like Fitness Premier. You can be super competitive, and agile in the market, make changes, and adjust as needed, which is all too common in a competitive marketplace.

All these changes, if they’re announced, going back to this is the franchise owner’s business as well. I love that you guys have the owner’s interests and opinions in mind because there is a practical implication. There are also political and legal implications. Any decision as a home office, it sounds like you guys are running it through that lens. Is this practical?

Politically, how is this going to be perceived and talked about amongst the franchise system? I’ll tell you what, people are going to talk. It’s going to be discussed, and that’s the beauty of a franchise. It’s the community. The communication that does happen, I love it. What’s an example of a new process that was introduced, and how did the franchise owners take to that?

The new group training that we are starting to roll out is a fresh lens. It’s a new programming. There are a lot of other things that go into consideration with this. There is more equipment, so there’s more cost. You have to be in a bigger space, so your footprint might be a little bit bigger. You may have to do some expansion or some construction. All that goes into play as far as training your instructors properly. What process does that look like? It’s getting everyone up to speed and understanding why we’re doing it, how it’s going to be beneficial, and almost creating that buy-in and getting them excited for it.

You took a swing there, build-out, changes for build-outs. They’re not always that. That’s a big change and an exciting one. It’s creating additional revenue streams and more value for the customer, tying back to some of what you mentioned earlier. What a great example of, “We have to evolve. Be competitive, deliver against our brand promise, and do it with more and more stickiness in the competitive landscape.” It’s a great example, but you being there, having that relational equity, a strong relationship with the owners, you’ve been step for step. That bridge from the franchise owner to the home office, you can see that in play there. It’s an important part of Fitness Premier. I feel I could talk to you for another hour at least.

We’ll have to do this again, Nick.

I got one more question for you. Why do you love franchising so much?

I love it. It broadens your horizons and your opportunities. As a franchisee, to become an entrepreneur that has systems in place, you don’t have to recreate the wheel. You already know what’s going to work and what’s going to be successful. It’s almost like a playbook of how to make this your dream and to become your own boss. It provides a little bit more, so you’re not learning as you go. You have that proven process behind you. Creating more opportunities to be an entrepreneur and to have that support as well.

LUNL 7 | Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs

I echo what you said ten times over, and this conversation has certainly been everything I had hoped for. Fitness Premier, 24/7 clubs. They’re an incredible organization doing business the right way. Predominantly they’re in the Midwest, but they are quickly bringing their very niched and value-packed service to many more markets across the country. Jillyan, if anyone is interested in getting in touch with you, how can they reach out?

You could visit our website, which is You can see everything there is that Fitness Premier offers. On there, there is a section for future franchisees or opportunities for franchise development. Through there, we can start the communication,

Reach out, and continue the conversation. In terms of our show, please subscribe. It helps us to continue doing this, bringing you content from thought leaders like Jillyan Morris here with Fitness Premier Clubs. Contribute to the conversation. Drop a comment. We’ve covered so many gold nuggets here. I would love to know your contributions, and thanks for being on the show.

Thank you so much for having me. This was a blast.

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About Jillyan Morris

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Jillian Morris is a seasoned professional in the health and wellness industry. With an extensive background in spa treatments, skin care regimens, therapeutic massage techniques, and beauty products, Jillian’s expertise is vast and varied. As a Regional Director, she is dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed. She not only fosters strong relationships with potential customers, but also offers training programs to franchise owners and employees. Jillian’s commitment to personal growth and development is evident in all of her endeavors.

Jillyan has been in the franchising world for over a decade. She began her career at Massage Envy as a licensed cosmetologist, now venturing into the fitness world, she is a liaison between franchisees and the corporate office. In her role, she is responsible for supporting franchisees and helping to increase unit-level profitability and efficiency.