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Our first book, Get LIMED is now available on Amazon! If you’re ready to make your mark on the world with the business of your dreams Get LIMED is your step-by-step guide to earning a profit in the robust high-end home improvement market.

In our industry, there are very few companies serving this sector that focus on customer service and quality results because of contractors that follow the Superman Model. Multi-million-dollar property owners are naturally anxious about leaving their most valuable asset in the hands of anyone else. Fortunately, Get LIMED has over 45 photos of our beautiful results for the homeowner interested in our services too. We want our clients and even potential clients to have that peace of mind.

Nick Lopez shares his simple solutions to failing business models like the Superman Model by giving the company secrets of Lime Painting’s profiting franchise system in Get LIMED. Lopez has set the highest standards in the industry and has prepared this book to teach you the most significant aspects of the business such as:

1.       The importance of relational and educational sales approaches

2.       How to create a team of highly-skilled and professional contractors

3.       How to approach homeowners to make high-level sales

4.       The art of the follow-up

5.       The heart-led culture of Lime Painting that focuses on people rather than profit

Get LIMED has a ton of information for entrepreneurs and homeowners alike. This book is designed to be a tool for the entrepreneur looking to get started with our Lime Painting franchise. To learn more, get your copy today on Amazon and open your very own Lime Painting territory wherever you are.