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How Having Your Home Professionally Painted Boosts Its Resale Value

Will painting your home increase its value enough to justify the expense? How much value does painting a house add? Is there a difference in terms of added value to the interior and the exterior? Should you do the job yourself or hire a professional to paint your home before putting it on the market?

These are questions property owners often ask when before thinking of selling their home. Generally speaking, you will see better results by painting the inside and outside of the home, and be in position to command a higher price. Having a professional do the work is one of the smartest moves you could make.

How can you go about coming up with a plan that generates the most returns on the investment? The team at LIME Painting of Boise can help you develop a strategy for the interior and exterior house painting Boise ID that’s sure to work. Here are some of the essentials that must be addressed.

Choosing Colors for the Exterior

According to a survey conducted by HomeGain, painting the exterior yields, on average, a 55% increase ROI (return on investment). This makes sense when you consider that the exterior of your home is the first thing prospective buyers see. In a sense, the colors and the quality of the paint job set the expectation for what the buyer will see inside.

So what is the best exterior paint color to sell a house? A lot depends on the home’s design and also the area where the home is located. You can get ideas by checking out the other houses in the immediate area. Does there appear to be a recurring theme in terms of color choices? If those homes are similar styles and you happen to like the colors, they are worth considering.

You can get ideas from someone who works for one of the residential exterior painting services Boise, ID or even use online software as a way to test different colors on the home. All it takes is a base image and the right software to change the color scheme. This approach will help you settle on the primary color with relative ease.

Limiting the Number of Exterior Colors

The rule of thumb is use no more than three is excellent when it comes to selecting exterior colors. You’ll need to choose your primary color for the exterior walls, and another color for the trim that adds definition and complements the primary color. What about the third color? That’s the one you’ll want to use for the exterior doors. It adds a little visual pop to the place without making the exterior look too busy. If you want to pull that door color out a little more, you can use it for the window casings. Generally, the recommendation is to stick with one color for all the trim, including the casings. LIME Painting of Boise has professional color coordinators on staff who will help you choose a winning color scheme.

Don’t Forget The Porch

Other elements of the home, such as your front porch, should also be considered in your color scheme and painting strategy. LIME Painting will advise you of the recommended route for the best ROI, whether it’s refinishing the wood or painting it to match the rest of the home.

Harmony is the Name of the Game

Whether you go with two or three colors, remember that visual harmony is the name of the game. It’s not so much uniformity as it is unity. Different colors can add appeal, as long as they coordinate well. If the selection of colors seems jarring to your eyes, prospective buyers would likely agree. Step back and come up with a combination that looks good and invites you to walk up to the front door. That’s the color scheme you want. If you’re still unsure, speaking with an expert at LIME Painting of Boise is a realistic option for help choosing the best colors.

Choosing the Paint Type for the Exterior

If colors are important, the type of paint used is even more so. LIME Painting of Boise uses only the best paint available on the market. Paint jobs done by us are long-lasting, durable and beautiful, with rich, deep color and no streaks or thin spots. A professional from one of the exterior house painting services Boise Idaho can talk with you about which type would work best. We will present you with different options and educate you about the benefits of each kind, as well as make our professional recommendation based on what we think will accomplish your paint strategy goals.

A flat or low-gloss choice is often best for the primary color. That’s because higher gloss often calls attention to minor imperfections that would otherwise be hard to detect. You can still use a higher gloss for the trim work. This adds a nice contrast in sheen that works well with the use of a secondary color.

Remember that you want to choose a paint type that works well with the materials used for the exterior. What works fine on wood siding may not be right for brick or slate. If you’re choosing to paint over vinyl or aluminum siding for some reason, an expert may recommend an oil-base instead of going with latex.

Colors for the Interior of Your Home

Does interior paint increase home value? The same survey from HomeGain that provided feedback on exterior painting, also included information about what painting the interior would do. On average, painting the inside of your home yields a 107% return on your investment. Think of what that would do in terms of boosting the asking price.

You will want to pay close attention to the color scheme that you choose. One mistake that you want to avoid is opting for colors that you personally find attractive. For example, you fell in love with the cranberry walls in the master bedroom when you bought the place 30 years ago. You still like them. That doesn’t mean a prospective buyer will feel the same way.

LIME Painting, an interior painting contractor Boise Idaho recommends choosing neutral colors for the walls throughout the interior of your home. While you don’t have to stick with white, it’s usually a safe choice. If you hate the idea of living with such a bland color, consider ecru or a light taupe instead. The lighter and more neutral tones make it easier for house hunters to envision their own belongings in the home and don’t distract from the home’s beauty.

As with most things, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, you may own a property that’s historic. In this case, it makes sense to use colors that are in line with the time that the home was built. What works in a contemporary setting may be all wrong for a Victorian home.

Using Different Colors in Various Rooms

While you do want to maintain some degree of unity in color from room to room, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with one wall color or shade. Consider using one color for the living room and the adjacent dining room. All the bedrooms could be a different color. Use something different for the kitchen and bathrooms. As long as the colors are versatile enough and fairly neutral so that your buyers won’t immediately think of repainting the interior.

Checking out images online for before and after interior painting Boise Idaho can help you get a visual of repainting do’s and repainting NOPE’s! For really amazing before and after images, check out some of the jobs LIME Painting of Boise has completed on our website.

Take note of how the colors in the “after” images seem to flow from one room the next, giving off a sense of harmony that isn’t distracting or offensive, but rather complements the rest of the interior. Potential buyers will be able to easily imagine themselves in their new home, and feel relaxed and comfortable.

Emphasize Certain Rooms

If repainting the entire interior is not practical for some reason, there are certain rooms you should select for some sprucing up. These are primarily the rooms that see the most use in any home.

An expert with a residential interior painting company in Boise, ID will likely recommend that you focus your energies on the living room, kitchen, dining room, and the main bathroom(s). If you still have room in your budget, the master bedroom should be included. Areas like spare bedrooms and finished basements can be last on the list.

And the Right Type or Finish

Interior finishes are just as important as their exterior counterparts. In fact, some may consider them to be more important. A good rule of thumb is to opt for flat or low-gloss colors for the walls. Higher gloss paints are fine for the trim work and also for the flooring. Consider the idea of using a satin finish if the idea of flat leaves you cold.

Is the Effort Really Worth It?

Is it worth painting before selling? Isn’t getting rid of the clutter and cleaning everything enough? While those measures matter, a fresh coat of paint adds new life to your home. It also impresses potential buyers when they notice that there’s no need to think about painting anytime soon. In cases where a buyer hasn’t quite decided about submitting an offer, freshly painted rooms and a high quality paint job on the exterior may be the motivation needed to meet your asking price.

Not a Good Time for DIY

While it’s tempting to try taking on the project on your own, resist the urge. This is one of those times when your do-it-yourself skills need to take a rest. Opting to hire an interior and exterior painting contractor Boise ID, like LIME Painting of Boise means access to expert advice, faster turnaround with the work, and professional results. Since the aim is to sell the place and move elsewhere, you want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. An investment in professional painting is well worth the investment.

LIME Painting of Boise specializes in interior and exterior high-end home painting services. We use the highest quality paint and supplies and properly prep the areas in your home that will be repainted. Our attention to detail, our incredible team of designers and coordinators and our highly skilled, professional painters, are what makes LIME Painting stand out among our competition. We stand behind and guarantee our work. You’ll be thrilled with how beautiful your home looks after we’ve completed the job and you’ll be completely satisfied with your overall LIME experience.

The health and safety of our employees and our customers is our number one priority. We promise that anyone who enters your home will be healthy and display no symptoms of illness. We take every precaution possible in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, and observe all the recommended actions. Contact us today for your free in-home or online consultation and see for yourself why so many people have chosen the LIME Painting of Boise experience.