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Let LIME Painting Help With Renovations Before You Flip

Research by The Washington Post states that millennials have more job flexibility and work-from-home options than any other category in the workforce and they are spending that extra time to cash in creatively.

Millennials are making a huge mark on the real estate market cultivating and pursuing their own ways rather than relying on agencies. “Flipsters”, or millennial home flippers, are easily becoming the main competition for big company real estate investors aiming to make a cut off the home buyer. And the numbers don’t lie, even flipsters that haven’t started investing yet are interested. A survey conducted by Better Home & Garden magazine determined that 96% of millennial investors are looking at real estate purchases as their next move.


“This is a generation of individuals who aspire to be their own bosses,” 5 Arch Funding’s CIO Steven Davis says, “and real estate investing is an exceptional way to do that.” Many millennials are purchasing their first homes with the soul intention of flipping it to collect earnings for their upgrade. More millennials are looking for suburban areas that provide reliable urban accessibility so flipping doesn’t necessarily have to incorporate a whole build-on project.

Millennials are playing smarter than that. After purchasing their first home, many are only planning to invest in something that isn’t quite what they want for a short amount of time before moving up the ladder. So naturally they are deciding with fixes in mind. If you’re a flipster and some of the renovations you are facing are new siding, a paint job, window, gutter, metal fencing, or shingle restoration LIME Painting can help with that.