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LIME’s TurnKey Solution to Contracting

Our top-of-the-line craftsmen are more than painters at LIME, they’re artists. Our project coordinators are the curators on-site and together they maintain quality and satisfaction.

These teams strive to make the LIME Painting experience turn-key for everyone involved: franchise owners and clients. Franchise owners have more time to work ON the business instead of IN the business. While franchise owners are brand ambassadors, we are not going to be on-site as often because we have the project coordinator who takes care of the quality controls and brings the client’s vision to life. 

Franchisees who may not have as much experience in the field as Nick Lopez did, will have their project coordinators to lean on for production. Clients will be served by the best of the best in subcontracting. The project coordinator will be client-facing and will work with clients to make progress on the project by: 

  • Matching paint colors to the client’s vision for their property 
  • Ordering products and supplies when needed 
  • Production audits to ensure that  the job is done to quality LIME standards

The project coordinator also supports artisans and works closely with them to decide on process and quality. Supporting franchisees is one of the biggest things here at LIME and every project coordinator helps facilitate on-site so franchisees can focus on marketing and operations.

Meet The Creator AKA The Production Coordinator 


Ernie is a LIME Painting legacy. With 15 years of experience as a Denver subcontractor, Ernie joined the LIME Painting family in 2014. After serving just one year as a foreman subcontractor he was promoted to project coordinator of the two Denver corporate locations in 2015. He is a values-guy of integrity that works directly with the clients and subcontracted artists to ensure quality is maintained.


Artist David

David is a subcontracted artist that has been painting for ten years. This hard-working, values-based guy has been working with us at LIME Painting for six years. David specializes in painting, coatings, and surface restoration including metal restoration, epoxy, kitchen cabinets, stains, and much more. David is a family guy currently saving up to buy his first home.


Artist Victor

Victor is a 15-year veteran of the industry who has been working with LIME Painting for seven years now where he specializes in painting, coating, and surface restoration. This lovable, outgoing guy is a great team leader! He is currently saving up to put his son through college.


You can count on LIME Painting to enhance your beautiful homes with our team of motivated and caring professionals. would not be possible without our wonderful team of subcontracted artists. With our state-of-the-art workforce and leadership, you will never be disappointed. Call LIME Painting today to learn more about the LIME franchise model for subcontracting artists