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Professional House Painting vs. DIY Projects

One look is all you need to decide that some house painting is in order. Whether it’s inside or outside, you have another decision to make. Will you go DIY or hire a pro?

The pros and cons of DIY projects and professional painters are not always fully thought through. Before you decide that you’re going to make this a project you do on your own or with the help of a few friends, take the time to find out more about what professional house painting can do for you and for your home. You’re likely to find that hiring a professional is the best choice. 

Checking the Walls

There’s more to painting the walls of a room than slapping on a little paint. Before anything else is done, the walls must be inspected. The goal is to determine if there’s any type of repairs or preparation that needs to be done. That also goes for any exterior painting that needs to be done.

For example, the inspection may find that you need some type of EIFS stucco restoration before the outside of the home can be painted. A professional will not what has to be done, the equipment and supplies needed, and how long it will take before it’s possible to begin the actual painting. If you’re interested in making sure the job is done properly, preliminary checking is a must.

Keep in mind that even if you spot a few things that need to be repaired first, a professional is likely to identify a few other issues that need resolution. Finding out about them first and then proceeding with the painting is much better than having to stop and deal with them while attempting to apply primer and then paint.

And Preparing Them Properly

Spotting any issues that need resolution is only the beginning. They also must be dealt with before any painting gets underway. Failing to do so will only mean that the paint job is lesser in quality and won’t last as long. You will also find that the appearance will not be everything that you hoped.

It’s not unusual for painting professionals to also troubleshoot a wide range of structural issues. For example, the masonry on the home’s exteriors may have some minor flaws, like a few thin cracks along with one of the walls. You can bet that a professional will know how to deal with this type of masonry restoration and ensure there’s a smooth surface for the fresh coat of paint. Once the repair is done and the paint dries, no one will ever know there was a flaw at all.

Selecting the Right Type of Paint

You may be aware of different types of finish for paint, but have you considered there’s more than one kind of paint that you can use? It’s not just about exterior versus interior or even a flat finish versus a glossy one. The ingredients used in different types of house paints can also vary. That can lead to differences in terms of the depth of the color, how well the paint holds up under certain weather conditions, and how subject it may be to peeling or cracking.

While the variety of paints may be baffling for a novice, you can be that a professional painter will know what sets one type apart from the rest. This will come in handy when choosing the paint for your project. Whether it’s an inside or outside job, a pro will know what will work in terms of the paint quality, qualities, ingredients, and the look that you want for the place. There’s no need to go through every kind of paint found on the shelves. Based on the information that the pro gets from you, it will be easy to settle on the right product the first time.

Having the Right Equipment on Hand

Paint is only the beginning. You also need to think about everything from drop cloths to brushes to sprayers to ladders. What you need to paint a room inside is not necessarily what you need to paint the home’s exterior. Unless you already have all the equipment and supplies, locating them can take a lot of time. The same is true in terms of cost. Whether you buy everything or rent a good bit of it, the price tag can amount to a tidy sum.

Professional painters already have most of the equipment that’s needed. Even if there’s the need to buy something, they typically have discount accounts that allow them to get the supplies for less than you would pay. A portion of that savings will likely be passed on to you by way of the quote.

The result is that leaving the painting in the hands of a pro means you don’t have to figure out what’s needed, where to get it, and how much you need to pay for everything. All that’s taken care of by the painter so you get to see one complete quote for the supplies, equipment, and labor. You’re likely to find that what the painter ultimately charges is not much more than what you would end up paying by trying to do the job on your own. 

Preventing Product Waste

One of the areas where the professional painter’s expertise really shines is making sure nothing goes to waste. Someone who paints for a living knows how to accomplish a lot while using as little as possible. The result is that paint and other products don’t end up being wasted.

Think of what that means in terms of the amount of paint needed to finish the job. A professional will apply it in even coats and do so without having to constantly deal with streaks or smears. A pro is also in a position to consider the square footage needed to do the job and order the paint accordingly. The result is that you don’t end up with several buckets of that specially mixed hue taking up space in the garage.

It can also apply to other products used during a paint job. Just as you don’t want to end up with too much paint, you want the amount of garage epoxy coating left once the job is done to be minimal. This is one of the other ways that professionals help to keep the overall costs of the work within reason.

And Wasting Valuable Time

It’s not just about making sure paint isn’t wasted or that you aren’t left with more than you will ever use again. The time factor is also something to consider. You already know that a professional can save quite a bit of time during the planning stages versus the time you would spend running all over town trying to collect everything that you need. A pro also saves time during the actual paint job.

Professionals understand how to prepare a space before starting the painting. They also know how to set up ladders and scaffolding to their best advantage. Even little things like knowing how to tape around windows and door frames help to save time during the actual paint job. The result is that a professional can get a lot done in a relatively short amount of time.

Compare that to what you could accomplish in the same amount of time. Even if you have someone helping, odds are that the professional will be done with the painting in a fraction of the time it would take you. When you prefer to get things finished without any delays, hiring a pro is the only real solution. 

Taking Care of the Detail Work

While you may do a credible job with the general painting, how are you with detail work. Do you have the patience to go slow and make sure everything is crisp and the trim work is perfect? You may not be able to manage the task, but you can bet that a pro will know what to do and how to do it perfectly.

The result is that the trim work looks better than it has in a long time. All the lines are straight around window frames as well as door frames. If you’re painting the window sashes, you can rest assured the look is professional and there are no drops or smears on any of the panes. If you’re making the most of interior house painting services as well as some exterior work, you can expect the same level of care with the details.

Not to Mention the Cleanup

When people think of painting a room or an exterior, the focus is usually on the work itself. It’s only when the painting is done that any attention is given to cleaning things up. If there are any additional projects like a wood door restoration, that only means more cleaning to do.

If you did the job yourself, do you really feel up to managing the cleanup? It can be tempting to put it off until tomorrow, something that can create a few more challenges. By contrast, a professional always has a plan for the cleanup that can be implemented once the painting is inspected and found to be truly complete. All you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy the results.

The final decision is up to you. When it comes to painting the house, should you hire a pro? The answer is yes. In the long run, you’ll save money, time, and frustration. You’ll also end up with a paint job that looks great and will hold up well for a long time. Call today and have a contractor visit the home. It won’t take long to work out the details, get a quote, and set a date for the painting to commence.