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Taking Control by Owning Your Own Franchise While Furthering the Career of Your Choice

Have you ever thought about owning your own business, but being able to continue pursuing a career in another field? If so, don’t feel alone. The idea of building more financial security while having an outlet that augments the satisfaction derived in your present career is a possibility. What you need is a franchise that allows you to own the operation while delegating some of the day-to-day tasks to trusted employees. You also need something that helps you determine the size of the operation and keep it in line with your goals. 

Do you think that’s going to be hard to find? In fact, that sort of structure doesn’t work with all franchise offers. It will work with a franchise with LIME Painting.

Case Study: The Work of Jayme Nelson

If you’re wondering how it would be possible to balance these two paths and enjoy what’s essentially the best of both worlds, look no further than the example of Jayme Nelson. An enterprising individual who has set and reached goals for over two decades, Nelson provides the perfect example of how to build a career in one field while owning a franchise associated with another one. 

Nelson’s knack for getting things done reaches back to his college days. As he worked toward earning his degrees, Jayme found a way to generate some cash to help with his expenses. While focusing on his studies, he also worked as a general manager for a student painters franchise. The result was a steady income that helped to defray college expenses while still allowing him the time to complete his courses and eventually receive his degree. 

There’s no doubt that Nelson has the qualities of a true leader and business professional. Honing those abilities by juggling his duties as a general manager with the demands of being a student demonstrated that early on. Those same qualities have made it possible for him to organize his time and resources so that owning a LIME Painting franchise and functioning as a semi-absentee owner comes almost naturally to Nelson. 

With more than 23 years under his belt in the medical device industry, Nelson has no intention of ever giving up a career that he loves. At the same time, tapping into his skills by means of owning a painting franchise is the perfect fit. By allocating a certain number of hours per week to his Minnetonka, MN franchise, he’s able to enjoy the fruits associated with each endeavor.

How does he do it? Hiring the right people and delegating responsibilities while taking care of certain aspects of the business himself is the key. Nelson chose to hire salespeople who could get the word out about his franchise and help build a positive reputation in the community. He also hired a general manager who could take care of many of the basics like assigning teams to projects, managing the day-to-day operations, and dealing with all the details that go into keeping customers happy. 

While his team does what they know how to do so well, Nelson focuses his attention on essentials like keeping the account records in order and making sure the payroll for his employees is done on time every time. He’s also on hand to provide support to his team when and as needed. The rest of the time, he’s free to concentrate on his day job and have some free time to enjoy. Given the fact that the franchise focuses on a territory that has plenty of prestigious businesses and multi-million dollar homes, it’s obvious that Nelson chose his market with care, as well as the right franchise partner. 

How many hours does Nelson put into the franchise per week? During the early stages, he allocated an average of 20 hours per week. Once the franchise was launched and began to attract clients, he was able to cut back and leave many details to his team. These days, he averages around 10 hours per week on his thriving franchise. That leaves him with time for family and social life even while he still works his full-time job. 

LIME Painting as an Acronym

The core values exemplified by LIME Painting immediately attracted Nelson and convinced him that this was a franchise opportunity worth investigating. If you ask him about that, he will point out that you could say the franchisor’s name is also an acronym that rings true for him. 

How does it go? It’s something like this:

L stands for love. The fact is that LIME Painting fosters a culture that promotes loving what you do for a living. There’s also the love for a proper life balance that means there’s a season for everything, including taking a break when it’s time to recharge. 

I is for integrity. With LIME Painting, there’s no doubt that the operation is transparent, above board, and believes in saying what you mean and doing what you say. That’s a value that Nelson wants to provide to his customers every time, and his franchise partner supports him in that. 

M stands for mission. LIME Painting has a clear mission statement in relation to franchisees as well as providing the resources to reach goals associated with that mission. Thanks to the culture of the company, Nelson found it simple to determine the direction he wanted to take, discuss how to make it happen, and enjoy support while on the way to ensuring he was primed to achieve his mission. 

E is for Excellence. LIME Painting is not a company that does things halfway or just enough to meet basic codes and standards. Unless a project exceeds customer expectations, it’s not good enough. That means a lot to Nelson since he’s not the type that is willing to settle for mediocrity. You can bet his customers appreciate that and are willing to pay a little more for the excellence Nelson and LIME Painting provide. 

There you have it. Creating a situation where you get to enjoy the best of both worlds does take dedication, commitment, and the right franchise partner. For Jayme Nelson, the combination of what he offers plus the resources LIME Painting provides translates into doing what he loves on more than one front and getting to reap the rewards as he goes. 

Exploring All the Benefits That a Lime Painting Franchise Has to Offer

As Jayme Nelson found out early on, LIME Painting has a lot to offer. It’s not a copy of what many expect from franchises that offer similar services. Instead, there’s an innovative program that provides a solid foundation for franchisees to become successful while also providing the space to structure an operation that’s truly proactive in meeting needs in the local community. 

Here are some of the ways that a LIME Painting franchise stands out from the rest:

1. Many Different Service Options to Offer in the Local Community

LIME Painting offers franchisees more than 40 potential revenue streams. That makes it all the easier to adapt the franchise to local needs and match them with the talents and skillsets that each franchisee brings to the table. It also allows flexibility in how the franchisee sets up the local operation. 

2. Technology That’s Simple to Use and Provides Practical Tools for Each Franchise Owner to Utilize

The technology offered by LIME Painting is top of the line. Each franchisee has access to LIMEWare that serves as a proprietary and centralized platform that makes tracking jobs and other functions easy. This mobile-based platform includes features that make the process of business management simpler, provides the ability to generate reports using the data contained in the program, and in general gain insights about where the franchise currently stands in terms of profitability, generated revenue, collected revenue, and operational expenses. 

3. The Ability to Enter a Market That’s Often Underserved and Create a Viable Business That’s Capable of Providing the Franchisor With Excellent Returns

LIME Painting also offers a unique franchise opportunity in terms of catering to a market that’s often overlooked by other franchisors. In fact, the company offers the only franchises that are specifically structured to serve the high-end, luxury painting market. That holds true for high-end work related to commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential projects. 

4. One of the Most Affordable Options for Franchisees Who Want to Recoup Their Investments Quickly While Building a Business That Will Provide Rewards for Many Years to Come

A franchise with LIME Painting offers some of the lowest startup costs found anywhere in any industry. There are relatively low overhead costs to begin while providing the chance for a quick ramp-up within a 30-90 day period. Getting started using the resources provided to each franchisee makes it easy to launch quickly. Many are surprised to learn that the ability to launch a franchise comes with a price of less than $100,000. 

Best of all, this isn’t something that is designed to work for a few years and then begins to flounder. The ongoing support that comes with affordable investment means franchisees create operations that remain at the top of the field for decades. Those who want to build something to pass on to the next generation will appreciate the design and the potential associated with a LIME Painting franchise. 

Are you interested in learning more about what LIME Painting offers to franchisees? For more information, please visit today.