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The Franchise Story Podcast

“Being a millennial starting a business in The Great Recession gave me the confidence to conquer a lot moving forward.”

-Nick Lopez  

Nick Lopez recounts how his journey as an independent student at Michigan State University molded him into a successful business owner in last month’s episode of The Franchise Story Podcast hosted by Brian Holmes and Erik Vanhorn.

When Lopez started college, he was using credit cards to pay off credit cards. He traveled from Colorado to Michigan with one bag in the middle of the Great Recession to start his freshman year. All year he had no sheet on his bed focused on investing everything he had into a business degree and a solid legacy on the wrestling team. Months in, he realized that it was going to be harder to make ends meet than he’d anticipated. He made the tough decision to hang up the wrestling shoes and start his company, Spartan College Painters.

Four years later he was paving the way for LIME Painting back in Denver. With the success that LIME brought Lopez in those first few years he began to wonder, How can I use my business to give back now? With a business model, built to scale from the beginning and loyal employees striving to achieve more, franchising was the easy answer. Franchising gave Nick the power to share the growth while guiding and mentoring franchisees.

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