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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local Professional Painter

Your plans for the spring include fresh coats of paint in several rooms. Now’s the time to begin planning for that project. One way you can make things simpler is to consider hiring professional residential painters Denver CO rather than taking on the job yourself. 

There’s a lot to be said for hiring professionals rather than trying to do the painting on your own. As you meet with a contractor, many of those benefits will become apparent between the time that the pro shows up on your doorstep and when you receive the quote. Among the most important of those advantages, you will find the following five reasons to hire a local professional painter.

Professionals Know How to Evaluate a Job First

When you contact a paint contractor and set up a visit, be prepared for the professional to spend some time looking at the walls. The goal is to identify everything that will need to be done in order to ensure the finished project is ideal. That will mean evaluating the condition of the walls and ceiling proper. 

There are several things that the contractor will be mindful of during that evaluation. Some of them include:

  • Discolored areas
  • Chipped or peeling paint
  • Holes from nails or picture hooks
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Cracks in stucco or drywall

The goal is to identify all imperfections that need to be addressed before any painting is done. That makes it possible to manage the repairs, and begin with a smooth surface. You can bet that this effort on the front end will positively impact the outcome on the back end. 

Don’t be surprised if what the contractor finds is more than you’ve noticed. Many of the imperfections will be subtle ones that were either found under a picture frame or was not easy to see because of furniture placement. Even so, it’s best to know about those issues before any painting is done. 

Comparing Interior Paint Options

While you may have given some thought about the colors to use in each room, what about the other aspects of the paint? There are several decisions to be made, and now is the time to make them. Fortunately, a contractor can guide you through the process, and provide some insight into what might work well in your home. 

One of the first points to ponder is the type of finish that you want. Depending on the wall materials, it might be a good idea to go with a flat finish. This offers the lowest amount of sheen or gloss to the walls. You may like this if the plan is for the color to be the main contribution to the look of the room, and not command additional attention because of the sheen. 

You may find that a matte finish is to your liking. It brings a low amount of sheen that’s almost impossible to detect in certain light. Perhaps you do want some sheen to be obvious; if so, a semi-gloss will do. For those who want the walls to be more visually prominent, then high-gloss is the way to go. 

The contractor will take the wall texture into consideration. There are some finishes that look better on walls that have a somewhat patterned or roughened surface. A professional will point those out, and provide some insight into why they would work best. 

Keep in mind that you also want to think about cleaning the paint later on. That means investing in a type of paint that you can wipe down with a damp cloth without damaging the finish. This can be true anywhere in the home, but it’s especially helpful in kitchens and children’s bedrooms. 

A contractor can provide samples of anything that you think might work. Feel free to hold them against the walls and see what you think. It’s also possible to use software to get an idea of how the color and sheen you want will work with the wall’s texture. 

Do you know how to prepare a room for painting? It’s more involved than most people think. The goal is to protect surfaces that will not be painted. There’s also the need to ensure that the paint lines along the ceiling and around the door or window frames are straight. 

A contractor with a professional residential painting company Denver CO has the supplies needed to ensure a room is properly prepped. That includes materials to fill in nail holes or cover cracks. Doing so results in the smooth surface that’s needed for the painting. 

There will also be the need to tape off areas to ensure that all the lines are perfect. Professionals know how to use painter’s tape around chair railings, crown molding, door and window frames, and along ceilings to ensure that the wall color ends up with a straight line. This will be one of the more time-consuming tasks with the preparation, but it saves a lot of time later on. 

There’s also the matter of moving furniture away from the walls. In some cases, it’s possible to move larger pieces to the center of the room, and cover them with a drop cloth. At other times, everything is removed from the space. You and the painter can decide in advance who will handle this task. 

Finally, drop cloths are placed on the flooring. The goal is to ensure no paint splatters from brushes, rollers, or sprayers ends up on the carpeting or the hardwood floors. The contractor will ensure there are enough cloths on site to ensure that the floor is completely covered before the paint supplies and equipment are brought into the space.

Taking Care of All the Detail Work

There’s a lot of detail work that goes into painting any room. Even spaces that have little in the way of ornate woodwork around doors and windows, or molding that must be painted with care, make it necessary to be careful when applying paint. 

Much of the work can be done using sprayers along with rollers. Some of the work will require using brushes of different sizes. There may even be the need to only use brushes with certain types of bristles. For someone who has never done much house painting before, the list of details that have to be managed can see overwhelming. 

The thing is that choosing to omit those details will result in an inferior paint job. Professionals understand that everything must be done properly in order to ensure the best possible outcome. They also understand that the results are what will determine if you recommend them to others who need help with interior painting. 

What you get with professionals is detail work that makes the room look better than it has in a long time. In fact, you might want to take some photos before the room preparation gets underway. That allows you to have images of the before and after interior painting Denver CO, and have a clear idea of how much difference the detail work made.

Handling the Cleanup After The Painting is Done

Once the last of the paint is applied, there’s still plenty of work to do. For someone who isn’t used to the rigors of interior painting, that is a moment when many would like to put down the brush, leave the room, and go rest for a while. That’s not the way things are done if you hire professionals to do the painting. 

A professional interior painting contractor Denver CO doesn’t consider the work done until all the equipment and supplies are removed from the space. After that, all the drop cloths have to be carefully removed from the room and out of the home. This has to be done without any of the paint splatters ending up on the floors. If there is anything that ended up on the floor, it has to be removed first. 

Finally, those big pieces of furniture that were moved to the middle of the room are put back in place. That means the homeowner doesn’t have much left to do, other than bringing back the accessories once the paint is dry. The contractor will provide you with some tips on how to know when it will be okay to begin hanging wall art again, or returning anything to the space that might end up touching the walls. 

Compare having all this done for you to dealing with the cleanup by yourself. After painting, you are likely worn out. The idea of spending another hour putting everything away and beginning to arrange the room again holds no appeal. Since hiring professionals means getting most of this done without you lifting a finger, it’s easy to see why this is such a huge benefit. 

These are only a few of the reasons why it makes sense to leave the interior painting to a professional. Instead of figuring out how you will structure the project so you can do the work yourself, contact the team at LIME Painting of Denver and arrange for a paint contractor to visit the home. It won’t take more than a few minutes to see why leaving the job in a professional’s capable hands will be one of the smartest moves you could make all year long.