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cabinets after
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ASSESSMENT: Lime painted clients neighbor so he went with us for the exterior. Next Rob wanted a quote for the interior kitchen trim. Lime observed dog scratches on all the window sills and deep gouges on the doors. Lime did the project and Rob was impressed so he had us restore his kitchen cabinets. The cabinets were beautiful but were not the color that he and his wife wanted. Also, during the consultation we shared creative options of painting the island a different color so it would pop. Rob liked that idea. At first the client wanted to strip and stain everything, then after sanding decided to paint the cabinets instead (note: normally we do not strip if we are only repainting). We also noticed some sections of the ceiling that needed fixed and the client wanted to add multiple ceiling rooms. There were a few custom areas like a bar and another island separating the living room and kitchen, so we discussed possible color selections as well. They were ready to #GetLimed and see their kitchen transformed.

ADVISE: Lime started by masking and taping off all of the floors and the workspace. The first part of the scope was to sand, so it took about 2 days to sand everything down to bare wood.  Next, the client decided to go with paint vs. stain so the cabinets were sprayed evenly with primer. All drawers and doors were removed and a spray tent was set up in the garage. After spraying all of the cabinets a clear coat was applied and allowed to dry. Once dry, the doors, drawers, and new hardware was installed. Ernesto Lime’s production coordinator audited the job and the owner signed off on a job well done and gave Lime a stellar review on the BBB.