bookshelf after
bookshelf before
bookshelf mid production
desk after
desk before
drywall after
drywall before
drywall mid production
fireplace after paint wet seal
fireplace before wet seal
fireplace before
fireplace mid production
railings after
railings before
stairs after
stairs before
stairs mid production
trim after
trim before
trim mid production

Denver Country Club Lead Based Historic Restoration

ASSESSMENT: The client called Lime as a referral from 3 neighbors homes we painted on her street. The homeowner wanted to make some creative updates and additions to her basement. She made updates on main floors and the basement was now on the agenda. After the walkthrough, Lime suggested moving from beige to a more modern beige. The fireplace also could be updated with adding an accent color similar to the walls but darker as well as applying a natural wet seal to enrichen the color of the stone and make it pop! The desk was older and she was considering replacing as their was a hole in the top. Lime suggested a creative option to patch and repaint to tie in with a more modern color scheme. Lime recommended switching the stained bookshelves and railings and tie them into match the white trim in the basement. Lime recommended closing entertainment TV built in with drywall and moving TV to other side of room on a stand. And finally a color consultation with modern colors.


ADVISE: Lime masked and taped off all of the floors and areas to be serviced. Lime focused on removing the trim from the TV built in and filled the holes with new drywall and matched existing wall texture.  The large holes in the desk were patched, filled, and sanded. Next, Lime applied coat of oil based primer to the currently stained railings, bookshelves, mantle, and the large desk. Lime proceeded to caulk all of the joints, shelves, gaps, and seams for a professional finished look. Finally, the top coat natural seal (non-shiny) was applied to the stone fireplace and the entire basement was painted in a modern color. The color Lime advised for the walls was a light gray and the mantle accent color (SW Mega Greige) was just a shade or two darker than the walls. The homeowner said she was very impressed and left Lime a positive review on the BBB!

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