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Completing a paint project the right way goes beyond the preparation and application. Homes built before 1978 that contain lead pose a health hazard not just for the craftsmen working on the jobsite, but for anyone near it as well. This includes children.


The EPA’s RRP (renovation, repair and painting) Rule requires that businesses providing renovations, home repair and painting services for homes, child care facilities and pre-schools built before 1978, be EPA certified and that they follow lead-safe work practices as outlined by the EPA. 
Disturbing lead paint can release toxic dust that is not safe for humans or pets to be exposed to. Even ordinary home maintenance or simple DIY projects can disturb lead and release the toxins into the air. 
LIME Painting is EPA Lead-Certified for the safe handling, removal and disposal of the toxic chemical.  If your home was built before 1978, having an EPA lead certified business, like LIME Painting, come in to help is advised. 
If you are planning a DIY project and you’re not sure if there is lead paint in your home or office, we can test for it in multiple ways. If the results are positive for lead, we’ll advise you on the best next steps to take to reduce or eliminate the risk of exposure.  

What Is Lead?

Lead is an additive used in the manufacturing of paints prior to 1978. It is a toxin that is detrimental to the environment and for people. The EPA has mandated that contractors working on homes built prior to 1978, test the paint on the property for lead. If the paint tests positive, the jobsite is treated as a biohazardous work space.

What Does It Mean for the Jobsite If Your Paint Has Lead?

If your house tests positive for lead, our crew will take precautions to keep lead dust out of their lungs and off their clothing. However, the most important step is containing and disposing of the paint chips. Our team will collect these chips as they are scraped and will dispose of them in hazmat bags that we then take to a hazardous waste location.

Power washing the paint will scatter the chips and dust should be avoided. Instead of power washing, a deep wash with bristle brushes is undertaken to scrub down the property.

The LIME Advantage

The advantage of working with an EPA lead-certified LIME Advisor, is their ability to assess the scope of the job and test for lead. Additionally, our advisor’s audit each phase of the job to ensure that the scope of work is completed to expectation.

Although lead paint may change the theme of the project, LIME always keeps QUALITY at the forefront and provides a client experience that is turnkey. Working with LIME on a lead-based project is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing!


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