Get LIMED: Own a High-End Painting and Restoration Franchise and Revolutionize the Industry

get limed own a high end painting and restoration franchise and revolutionize the industryGetting LIMED is about our mission to spread a premium, values-based service with integrity. Make your mark on the world with the business of your dreams! Here’s your chance to earn a profit in the robust high-end home improvement market.

Today, there are very few companies serving this sector that focus on customer service and quality results because of contractors that follow the Superman Model. Multi-million-dollar property owners are naturally anxious about renovating or restoring their most valuable assets. Nick Lopez has developed a solution that is a proven, money-making model serving custom property owners at the highest standards in the industry.

Get LIMED will prepare you to:

  • Use relational and educational sales tactics;
  • Create a team of highly-skilled and professional subcontractors;
  • Approach homeowners and make high-level sales;
  • Follow-up with customers and keep them coming back;
  • Build a heart led culture focused on giving back;
  • Learn about LIME’s people-focused culture.


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