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6″ Gutter Installation

6″ Gutter Installation Project in Littlelon, CO

Assessment: This beautiful historic Victorian-style home was extremely damaged. The top section of the home had been redesigned and added on twenty-five years ago. At the time of building, they did not put gutters on the house thinking it would detract from the beautiful facade. Now twenty-five years later they not only needed to add new gutters and downspouts but needed to replace about seventy-five accent trim and molding boards. LIME had quite the challenge to design a proper layout of how and where the gutters and downspouts would be positioned. We did it in the best way possible to not draw attention to them and to keep the focus on the beautiful aspects of the home. After a thorough design and a few tweaks, the homeowner signed off and LIME’s fantastic gutter crews were ready to tackle this giant home!

Advice: First, LIME power washed, caulked, and primed all fascia and vertical trim boards on the home, as well as replaced a ton of boards that were either damaged or nonexistent. After we restored integrity to the body and wood, we measured and cut the seamless gutters and downspouts. Next, we sealed all joints around the entire home, and after a long day from sunup to sundown, our crewmen completed the job in less than one day. The owner had some special requests, so we returned to make him happy by adding some additional creative draining options to keep the water off his deck and home. The homeowners were quite pleased that their home was now protected from water and were very impressed with how beautiful and hidden the gutters looked after being sprayed the same color as the trim. They wished they would have installed gutters much sooner, but were happy to have finally #GOTTENLIMED.


LIME has partnered with many homeowners throughout the Lakewood region, from the Country Club to private residences and businesses. Lakewood is home to many beautiful lakes and golf courses in Jefferson County and is the fifth most populous city in Colorado.