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Carpentry Restoration

Carpentry Restoration Project in Hilltop, Denver


The lovely Hilltop neighborhood gets its name from the fact that it is higher in elevation than the surrounding parts of the city. It is located in the heart of Denver with around 66,000 people and is home to dozens and dozens of highly satisfied LIME Painting clients. Hilltop is quick to refer LIME to friends, family, and neighbors, and for that we are very grateful!

Assessment: Due to gutter failure and extended water time on the north side of the home, two fascia boards were replaced right above the entryway. LIME identified rotten window trim boards on a few windows, as the joints had been split resulting in waterlogged wood. The second story deck also needed more than just a repaint. The horizontal railing was rotted because it was located in a water prone area. LIME replaced a few spindles and the horizontal railing with a composite PVC board so that, moving forward, this deck would resist its natural weathering patterns.