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Carpentry Restoration

Carpentry Restoration Project in Park Hill


One of Denver’s original neighborhoods, Park Hill is filled with century-old homes with unique architecture. Restoring their beauty is right up LIME’s alley.

Assessment: The culprit of rotted boards on this home? Failed gutters! During the initial estimate, LIME noticed that the corners of the fascia boards right below the gutters were rotted. This home also had a beautiful stucco addition in the rear that had gutters that were not sloped correctly and were missing a vital downspout. This resulted in extra water on the fascia, crumbling stucco, and waterlogged fascia boards. In addition, this home had a deck in the back that had a number of rotted floor boards. The carpentry damage was due to poor paint product being used and the fact that the deck was so close to the ground.

Advice: LIME offered a complete solution for this homeowner to restore what was worn and to prevent it from happening further. We replaced all four rotted corners of fascia and installed new gutters to protect the fascia boards. We also installed new gutters on the stucco addition with the focus on re-sloping the gutters to have more efficient water flow to downspouts. Then we added a downspout to a corner of the home that gets extensive water flow from the roof. Finally, we ripped out every rotted floorboard and coated the deck with premium solid stain. The board total on this house came out to 170! This home found what it needed in LIME—a full-service coatings company that can restore damaged substrates and repair the source that creates the damage.