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Cedar Stain Restoration

Cedar Stain Restoration Project in Bonnie Brae


The Bonnie Brae neighborhood is one of LIME’s favorites places to work! Not only are the homes a mix of new builds and long-standing homes, but the clients here are a blend of Denver natives and newcomers. The common denominator is that they all use LIME for their coating needs.

Assessment: This cedar shake home was on the verge of developing mildew stains in many areas. LIME identified water prone areas that had been shaded from the sun and were already at the point of having black mildew stains. There also existed an inconsistent finish on the home which could result in an inconsistent finish after the job that LIME completed.

Advice: The homeowner desired a consistent and new finish throughout the home and LIME knew what to do! To achieve this, we needed to lighten the entirety of the wood and let the natural porosity of the wood determine the finish of the stain. We applied a trisodium phosphate and bleach solution on the home prior to power washing and brushed the darker areas with a bristle brush. Once the house was prepped, we applied a Sikkens SRD deep penetrating oil stain. This home is a great visual illustration of proper prep allowing products to perform at their peak. The homeowners think so too!