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Cedar Stain Restoration

Cedar Stain Restoration Project in University Hills, Denver


With close access to all things Denver, this neighborhood is littered with recent builds and decade-old homes that are in need of LIME’s expertise. LIME has been fortunate enough to work on a number of homes in University Hills.

Assessment: This cedar-stained home was built with many second story roof lines, which meant one thing to LIME—water prone areas! Along these areas of siding, we noticed that there had been extended water time resulting in the lower parts of the siding being darker from water stains. This project was classified as preventative for the majority of the home, as most wear had not gotten to the point of deep mildew stains. 

Advice: For a preventative stain project like this, LIME knew that the best solution to establish integrity and durability in the home moving forward was to apply a premium stain product on the home that would resist the extended water time in the water prone areas. The home’s unique structure caused natural shade and natural water prone areas that do not help a stain’s life against moisture, so Sikkens SRD oil stain would be the best solution for maximizing time between maintenance and preventing damage to the wood siding. This stain is a one-coat system, as it dries with a protective barrier to resist moisture and sun.