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Custom Exterior Restoration Project in The Preserve

The Preserve

The Preserve in Greenwood Village is one of the Denver area’s most prestigious housing developments and contains many luxury homes.

Project Snapshot: This beautiful home was showing some ware and tare from the elements. The stain was faded and the cedar around the property was beginning to become exposed to water and sun damage. LIME was tasked with restoring this home to its original beauty with top tier high performance products. LIME began by restoring the surfaces by sanding and cleaning the substrates so that the top notch products would properly adhere and perform for years to come. From the metal surfaces that made up the gutter system and the railings to the cedar around the trim and doors, LIME prepared and coated the surfaces with a custom finish. This project was completed in a week and a half turnaround. The process was coordinated and audited each step of the way by LIME’s team ensuring an easy, enjoyable, and refreshing experience for the homeowners. #GetLIMED #GreenStandsForQuality