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Custom Interior Lime Wash on Brick

Project Snapshot: LIME Painting of Denver recently completed lime washing the brick in this lovely historic home, located in Capitol Hill. Upon removing some drywall in the kitchen, the owners discovered the original brick had been covered up and were excited to incorporate the original feature into their remodel project. This was a completely customized job by LIME, tailored as we went to the customers’ liking.

To achieve the results that the owners had in mind, we ordered 3 different colors from Romabio’s Lime Wash  and diluted the product in order to get the right amount of coverage, while allowing colors of the original brick to show through.

The homeowners worked with LIME’s artisan every step of the way so that the final result was exactly what they had envisioned.  See the incredible transformation in this video!  You will be amazed at how gorgeous the fully customized, unique finish turned out. 

Do you have brick features in your home that you would like to transform? Applying lime wash protects and seals, while still allowing the brick to breathe and without completely covering it up. Lime wash can be lightly or heavily distressed to achieve the look you have in mind. If this is the look you’d love on your brick accents, LIME can help you! Get in touch with us today for a free estimate in the Denver area.