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Custom Interior Project

Custom Interior Project in Ken Caryl, Denver


Ken Caryl is one of Denver’s premier housing communities and is home to nearly fifty residents who have trusted LIME to service their homes.

Assessment: One cold winter day, LIME staff knocked on a homeowner’s door to speak with her about updating her home. The main area of concern was the outdated and faded paneling. The client was ready for a big change and wanted to paint it all. LIME had recently completed a similar home, so plenty of creative ideas for color schemes were shared to add to the advice of the designer. The nice thing about painting prior stained wood is that you can caulk the baseboards and trim boards for a smooth custom finish.

Advice: This beautiful home was large and took a good amount of masking to fully cover and prep the floors properly. Next, LIME made sure the stained baseboards were caulked for the first time and filled in any noticeable gaps in the trim as well. After that, the wood paneling needed to be primed with an oil base primer, so it was thoroughly applied over all of the walls. Although it took extra time to tape and mask, it was well worth it, as the final topcoat application was sprayed on for a professional custom finish. The homeowner was thrilled and completed a positive BBB review, then hired LIME a second time for another large interior project.