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Deck Restoration Project

Deck Restoration Project in Parker, CO


Parker is located in Douglas County and home to many clients of LIME Painting. Parker is the second most populous town in the county next to Castle Rock. In recent years, Parker has grown to around 50,000 people and is morphing into a commuter town at the southeasternmost corner of the Denver Metropolitan Area.

ASSESSMENT: Tom had an enormous deck that hadn’t been stained in many years. On our initial walk around we noticed a much larger problem than peeled stain. We counted about seventy boards that needed replaced, including nearly all of the railings around both decks and stairways, both sets of stair floorboards, and a large number of boards on the substrate floor. Many had large cracks longer than six inches and were soft and full of moisture. In addition, quite a few screws were sticking up past the floor level and causing snags to socks. The coating on the floor was almost nonexistent. The awning cover on top of his pergola was ratted, had holes, and was damaged by hail. Tom gave his permission and was about to #GETLIMED!

ADVICE: LIME jumped on the scene and started counting and measuring boards, then ran to the store to get redwood—a special request from the client. Next, we power washed, then countersunk and reset the protruding screws. We then started the demolition and removed all the rotten wood from the steps, railings, and floors and the cloth from the pergola. We cut and installed carefully with top-of-the-line pre-treated redwood. Next, we power sanded all horizontal surfaces to remove old product, mold, and as much discolored wood as possible. After that, we were finally ready for the last step and put on a thick coat of Sikkens Oil Based Stain. Finally, a few days later we completed the last step by applying the new cloth to the pergola and the job was complete! The client was happy to give us a positive recommendation. (Note: Click on the “testimonies” tab on the website.)