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Entry Door Restoration

Entry Door Restoration in The Preserve, Greenwood Village


This Greenwood Village subdivision is home to some of the most luxurious homes of the Metro area with many custom applications right up LIME’s alley.

Assessment: This entry door in the beautiful Preserve neighborhood had a finish clear coat that had faded away, leaving the wood exposed to the elements and without a furniture-like finish. Because the door had been in a state of distress for a while, the color in the stain had begun to fade.

Advice: LIME sanded the entire door and side lights down to a new profile of wood, allowing for the application of a fresh coat of stain. The bare wood surface allowed for the premium wiping stain to be absorbed. Once we stained the door, we applied a high performing satin spar urethane coat to the top to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing topcoat. This custom result left a lasting impression with the homeowners and will surely leave an amazing first impression with everyone who enters the home.