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Entry Doors Restoration

Entry Doors Restoration Project in Hyde Park at Polo Club

Assessment: Greg contracted LIME to paint his home. During the production, we noticed that the once-beautiful double entry doors were sun-faded and starting to weather. It is common for entry doors to weather more heavily on the tops of the trim ledges as water sits and rests there. In addition, the sun normally causes fading that progresses from the top and intensifies toward the bottom, as the top is normally more shaded while the bottom is left exposed. The stain and clear coating had proceeded past normal maintenance stages, but we caught it at a good time before any further distressing or damage to the wood could occur. We discussed preferred colors and his wife wanted to go with a “golden tone” to bring out the subtle highlights in the exterior stone.

Advice: LIME detached both double entry doors, masked/taped off the doorway, and proceeded to deep power sand the entire door. We sanded every trim board and the seams. After two days of sanding, we applied our special oil-based stain, followed by two consistent clear topcoats to protect the stain and the wood. The clear coat also makes it easy to clean, looks better longer, reflects the sun, and repels moisture. Greg was incredibly happy with the time we spent and was glad we did not rush the process! His wife was also very happy with the golden tones that we hand selected for her. This was a case of another beautiful entry door restored by LIME Painting, where #GreenStandsForQuality.


Located just south of the Cherry Creek Mall, with classy wrought iron and stone walls, this gated community is a quiet pocket of tranquility and an island of oasis right next to the hustle, bustle, and buzz of busy Cherry Creek. LIME is thankful to be on the top of the security guard’s referral list and to have painted about 20% of the homes in two short years.