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Epoxy Restoration Project

Epoxy Restoration Project in Mesa View Estates

Assessment: Mrs. Kelley was concerned about her garage. She had had it resurfaced just a couple years earlier, but the quality of work and product were not the best, to say the least. It was peeling in spots and discoloration existed in certain areas. The topcoat was not very thick and lacked durability. Last time the contractor only power washed and did minimal prep work, so LIME was ready to tackle this project and please the discouraged homeowner.

Advice: Our first recommendation was to start over from scratch, so we rented a commercial grinder and ripped off the old topcoating and grinded into the old concrete to create a new ideal profile for the epoxy coating. Next, we cleaned the garage thoroughly of all dust, then proceeded to mask off the job site. We applied two thick coats of our specialized secret epoxy that is so durable it’s used in aircraft carriers. The client chose to add colored flakes, so we spread them across the concrete with an even pattern. We finished with our secret top clear coat to cover the chips and smooth out the top surface, making it easier to clean moving forward. The client was very pleased and invited us back to do six more projects. #grateful


One of LIME’s favorite communities to work in consists of 650 custom homes nestled at the foot of Green Mountain. The panoramic views of the Rockies, Flatirons, Table Mountain, and the Denver skyline make this area a tranquil place to live. LIME is grateful to deliver custom results in this beautiful part of God’s country.