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Exterior Repaint Project at Denver Art Museum

Repaint of a Residence with Denver Art Museum Inspired Architecture

Project snapshot: LIME teamed up with this creative homeowner whose vision for his custom home came from inspiration from a familiar Denver landmark—the Denver Art Museum. You will see from the angles, pitches, and the featured metal pole at the entrance that this is not an ordinary home. This gorgeous property is wrapped in a fine finish stucco pattern and accented with a metal wrap around the fascia and soffits. This amalgamation of custom building materials makes for an appealing combination. The home is also lined with plenty of metal items like railings and gates that circle the home’s main and upper stories. LIME had the pleasure of applying high performance coatings to the metal items and stucco siding system around the home. The products used on this home were high performance and the finish is a custom result that will surely stand the test of time.

Observatory Park

Observatory Park is home to many custom builds located just east of Denver University’s campus and even has an iconic observatory display at the center of the park.