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Historic District Restoration

Historic District Restoration Plus Gutter Replacement & Epoxy Installation in Park Hill

Historic Park Hill

Park Hill is one of Denver’s premier developments combining both new and old. However, Park Hill is home to some of Denver’s oldest and most historic homes.

Project Snapshot: 
LIME was honored to restore this beautiful historic home located in Park Hill, CO. Built in the early 1900s, this home needed much more than just quality painting. LIME was entrusted to replace the undersized and failing gutters, restore the failed glaze that made up the windows, replace failed boards that made up the trim and windows, skim coat the deteriorating sections of the stucco, and coat the wood and stucco around the home. LIME also made a weathered garage floor look new again by installing a high performance epoxy coating. This project took expertise to consult on the right solutions and ensure a quality delivery of those solutions as well as a very talented group of artisans. As a team, LIME made this homeowner’s home vibrant and fresh again.