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Lead Prevention Project

Lead Prevention Project in Cheesman Park, CO


This highly desired neighborhood frequently has homes displaying the LIME Painting yard sign and homeowners here have recognized LIME as a trusted coatings company.

Assessment: As this home was built in 1908, it was likely that it still contained lead-based paint. Making it even more likely is the fact that the majority of the existing paint was white, and historically lighter color paints contain higher concentrations of lead. A positive test came back on all checkpoints, so it was LIME’s job to ensure that the lead was contained. Due to the size of the home and the nature of the design, LIME masked the base of the entire home during the prep phase with plastic to contain the falling paint chips. Any detection of lead forces LIME to first scrape the home, prime with a bonding primer, and then power wash. This process ensures LIME’s ability to contain the failed product from finding its way into the air and onto the ground.